tuesday 04/03/2008

We need in-game chat for at least 2 important reasons:

1. Something to do while playing
2. To yell at the idiot we are playing to hurry the heck up bc they are ruining my tourney rank!

~Reign of Wutang~ is recruiting people you must be at least lev 15 to join and must be an active player once u hit lev 20 you will become an admin. so hope to see you in there

monday 03/03/2008


THE LEGION IS RECRUITING NEW MEMBERS http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=156097

I'm recruiting for No More Heroes.

There are no set regulations to join.
Any level, no need to be great.
We will help train and build your deck.
just send a request and I 'll get back to you asap.

Join us and enjoy the spoils of war or just help me so my guild dosent get booted in 3days

Anyone wanna join our guild?
we need one more to make it official smiley

If your British, an active player & lookin 4 a guild 2 join then look no further!

* http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=177033 *

There the only 2 requirments!

We r a new guild but r growin every day & r on a simple mission - 2 b number 1!

Come join, new clan, wna take on the world, cmon britan !!!

sunday 02/03/2008

Only has 6 members.
Here's the site:

No problem,



You're welcome to Shinigami Society as well, if you plan to be active on the message boards and within the guild you decide to join.

Levels kinda do matter the higher u are the longer u had to pratice smiley

Mods please close this thread, the guild this thread was for has been disbanded

The Dark Wanderers Guild will accept you

This thread hasnt been dont in a while

Everyone is welcome to Reject Fighters of Clint City,no one will be refused from our guild.Also if you were to join our guild we'll help you with cards you need to level up.We are also working on selling cards that you will need for a low price.Another thing is that we will help you level up.Finally,we will chose new admins for every five new players that join.

join now as you see veryone is welcomed just one thing for poeple though while im hereplay fast during tournaments and check out the guild throught this link



saturday 01/03/2008

If you are having problem with the alopass codes please write an e-mail to the support at support-en@urban-rivals.com

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