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monday 10/03/2008

Ps: this is the address:http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=189445


So, my guild is Crème De La Crème and I'm looking for any up and coming players to join. I'll help answer what you need to know and I'll try to making your stay here as fun as possible. mmk.


Yeah..it's good..smiley
and I hope they make one for Freaks..smiley

The cards are there
the game is fun,
but how do you know
you've truly won?

JOin us now
Our numbers have been filled
but we still have space,
so why not join our guild?

So for players old or new
always active or not
come and have a good time
Before you get shot!!! (LOL)

yeah.....rhyming is fun smiley ...I think I really got carried away with it.... But really, if you want a guild check us out!

sunday 09/03/2008


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Join us

Here's a link: deleted


Hello im from The Urban Battle Guild, and I am looking for new recruits on it. shall I explain more about what my thread represents and who I am looking for?

This thread is all about battling and enjoying battle, its not puring about winning just standing your ground and keeping your head up high ready for the next match after match. the strong, the weak, THE BRAVE!

What I seek in members is just a will to continue on and to know where you stand at all time, people who know responsibly and those who know it well.

message me if your interested I am eager to see the new members, if you joinsmiley

Join the Uild of Hope. We Have:
60% of the collection
Good Players
And Lots And Lots Of FUN!!!


Theman3838 guild is recruting everyone!!!! doesnt matter what lvl or anything just ask to join and we'll accept tou int o our ranks. once again the guild name is Theman3838

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Found a guild!
Please close.

saturday 08/03/2008

I would like to have at least 15 people in my guild. Please join my guild.

Join Anarchist Guild

I Just Got Rid Of My Old guild With 18 Members Now Ive Made A New One We Even Have Our Own Personal
Forum On A Different Site So Join Now Any Level Aloud I Dont Mind.

Thanks For Looking.

Hope To See You In My Guild.


Heyz join ma guild id be very happy if u did....smiley thx if u do!!!!!!!!!! l8rz!!!!!!!!! smiley smiley

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