sunday 24/02/2008

Have you make aguild

You say why you must join alien vs predator?
coz we are active and supportive..we are like rescues the more we are the better..we are also talkative..
so if have the requirement and looking for a guild search no more because alien vs predator is the guild you are searching..
if you want to enter go to this link.

Come on you hardnuts, apply for this great guild

Were a new startin clan and we want members the only requirement is u need 2 b lvl 15 2 join and lvl 22 2 b an admin and every1 in the guild tries 2 help each other the peple in our guild so far have much experiance and great cards so if ur lookin 4 a desent guild that has nice peple that r really good at this game join ours

You can buy them (so you can sell and trade)
or you can win them in tournies and in elo
but you still cant sell or trade if you win themsmiley

Hey there, im beetle.
informing you that there is agreat guild here, with tourneys, drawings of rare cards every week and rival/friends.
this weeks card is corrina, bu next week there will be a drawing of a whole deck.
this is no ordinary guild this is the parasidic destruction beetles.
we will destroy most of who opose us


Can i plz come back to youre guild please

Army of UR:

saturday 23/02/2008

I'll join. and COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!!smiley

Join the Death Gods of War
the link to the page is

New Guild planning to one day be number 1. We offer a market sale comparison price of 65-75 %(meaning that if your a guild member, other members will sell you cards at reduced prices!!!=D) , and use all different clans. If your interested in joining, can't find a Guild that suits you, or for any reason at me for details.

Thank you and wander the Dark Path,
Malum Nocturne

Hi.... welcome to UR
enjoy your stay and keep it cool at all times...


RescueFreaks Guild:

D A R C' S Guild:

Gl with ur guild

friday 22/02/2008

Everybody is welcome newbies and experienced player the link to it is

Just join this cool Guild. U know u want to.

I'm back and akatsuki rivals is alot of members strong

Join now

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