sunday 16/03/2014

saturday 15/03/2014

2 hit kill streak!!

BO YA!!!

I the high and mighty marshmallow recruited him so without a doubt I am the victor!

(supposed to be read in a british accent)

thursday 13/03/2014

You will miss being fit!

wednesday 12/03/2014

Now to forget the role of Tenplar Knight in the beginning.
Due the age of people playing Urban Rivals is quite young I still hope that I can attract people
To make my point; I'm not looking for players who play to level up as a goal
It just since now I explained my vision with this guild and will start to clean up my guild to an elite group that share the same interests as me

Wrong section it means when you use those cards it takes points from your score

tuesday 11/03/2014

Do you have a passion for both George R R Martin's A Game of Thrones and beating your opponents? The local GoT Fan Club wants you. Coming all the way from Westeros to rule Clive City our goal is to win and have fun doing it. Because, in the Urban Game of Rivals, you win, or you get 1HKOed.

Worried about top bar requirements to join? No worries, just apply here and we'll have you sorted out.

Mordecai im gonna kill yousmiley

monday 10/03/2014

This is a guild for those that might have been rejected from other guilds and wish to take revenge, enjoy scaring people and telling jokes, or just love to simply dominate. This guild contains members of all levels, and we welcome the weak just as much as the strong.
Of course, encouragement is encouraged, but since we are the "Kings of the night," we do not welcome people who are always telling lies to brighten up everyones days. We want our days to be dark as night.
Even if it doesn't feel too good to lose, we don't fight because of jealousy, but simply because we enjoy winning. Winning is obviously better than losing, and everyone in this guild should love clintz and credits! Ranks in the guild are not based entirely on how strong you are (although some of it is), but more on how you act and how fit you are to be a King of the Night.

It's really working....Now our guild has strength of 8 smiley

sunday 09/03/2014

Buy them credits :3 but no actual cards i think, but you can get a overpriced kolos figurine or stickers, what more could one ask for

My guild is Shadow Rebels. This guild is made for people who feel like they don't belong anywhere, or also for those people who are currently struggling from depression.
I aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for members.
Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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saturday 08/03/2014

Their is nothing wrong with them. They are a great guild but aren't active enough. Im still going to stick around a little bit more.

Hi all, we are a newly formed guild looking for some members interested in helping establish a new guild from the ground up. If interested apply here: Eternal Wanderers

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friday 07/03/2014

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