tuesday 19/02/2008

Hay yeah im looking for a good guild to kick ass with
so wear do i sign up if you want me that is

Now theres 2! but we need at least 4 of us or else we'll once again be in the dust

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If u want to be in someones tornery,just post read the rules first and then join.
If u win u will get the card

David The Ra


Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=178336

Guild link: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=178347

We are a new guild, and we are trying to be competitive while having fun at the same time. Currently looking for admins position as well.


monday 18/02/2008


Goodluck with your guild... smiley

a highly recommended guild with a great leader... smiley

We are a new and ambitious guild, accepting members from everyone, level 5+

The only requirement is to be an active and fair player.


See you at Mythical Dragons smiley

Every guild is different i cant really say without saying The Mentallistics (my guild)

Want a freindly, fun guild atmosphere? Then join the Mentallistics! You are guaranteed to be excepted, regardless of race or ability! And at some point you will be appointed an Admin. Join the revolution. Join the Mentallistics!

Thanks Claner.

There's our link smiley

You didn't have to do this, you know. We already have one up.

Hey Dudes xD im here....

Wth?,,,,looks the same,,,,except for the good part lol,,,sorry bout that,,,,,lol,,,,,

The best fighter class is recruiting

Hello everybody andybody caan join but only lvl 15 and up. were recruiting now and letting anybody welcome. So come and join i also try to get the guild room going and have an active message board.


....since nobodys answering to this sub ima have to repeat it once more.this is a brand new guild features players only strong enough to pass the requirements as showed on the top.we r still short on members so if you are interested plz check the link below:
i thank you for your time and plz dont ignor me this time smileypeaceout-Xuan

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