saturday 16/02/2008

Looking form members to join my guild.
Plz take a look.

Hurry and join people will be the best

Yea nobodies starting off cards are great but you have to work towards getting new ones...or... cheat and buy a whole bunch of creds at the shopsmiley

This is the link to his guild:

friday 15/02/2008

I havent lost a battle since ive updated my deck
Must be level 5 plus
Message my char page when u join

"Order of the Dark Jedi" :
his/her guild
good luck with it any ways smiley


L'armee des 15
his/her guildsmiley
good lucksmiley


Join our guild.. we are fun and friendly..

were here to make friends

this is the link:


level 5 are the requirements

and always active.. at least green smiley


Can i join a guild which speaks english

thursday 14/02/2008

I would like to join the clan

I started a Dark guild come play and lets have some fun walking in the shadows.

you do realise you said that upper class is the guild people are looking forsmiley
i think you meant uild of hope lolz


If u speak english and want to be a king join my guild

Go to


Join Silient Angelz. Soliuz is a good player he can give lotz of advice and maybe a good admin of the guild!


It is now called ninja force :
now we have a guild link to a new guild he madesmiley
good lucksmiley


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