monday 18/02/2008

Hey Mr.V my name is Xuan and i just created a new guild called GM-The Game guild features player only strong enough to pass the requirements:lvl 15 or above-green face-card collection rankin master-play smart and active...since we r short on people im invitin you to join my guild you will not be a admin but after you pass the requirements ill think about anyway if your interseted just click the link below:
thanks for your time reading this peaceout.

Can i join i wont dissapint u

sunday 17/02/2008

I'm sure you've heard it before all before: "Why do you want to join us," "We are the best," or "Join us, we rock."
What you haven't heard is why waste words?
You know what the Guild of the Humble Paradigm is all about in just one word-- "Fun"
Helping others, giving advise, playing for the fun of it; this is what we do! If you like to play for the sake of the game, then we are the guild for you!

As long as you think you can play, then by all means join!
If not, join anyways, and maybe we can give you a hand!
Anybody and everybody is welcome! Come, join, and share a little bit of your skill!

Guild link:

Thx for that

P.S. I'm a guy

Oh ty forgot to put link<3smiley

Thanks for the linksmiley

saturday 16/02/2008

Join naruto rivals we dont have rules!
Also if u join and your level 15 or higher i will send u a card gift.
Tournament tommorow only for our guild!

The guild of kings:
his/her guild
and good luck with it


Due to the spamming of numerous players this thread will no be locked.

Bane Have:
his/her guild
and good luck with itsmiley


Mods please lock actually, I don't really want a guild anymore... smiley

Sorry everyone...

Im recruiting anybody that needs help lvling up there cards and getting credits so feel free to join

his/her guild
and good luck with you guild smiley


The Phoenix Armada, although we're small, but we only consist of those who strives to be the best. Therefore we accept anyone with good spirit and strong will.

Check out the guild at

once we reach 10 or more members, we will hold special event such as elimination tourney and 1v1 prize duel.

Looking form members to join my guild.
Plz take a look.

Hurry and join people will be the best

Yea nobodies starting off cards are great but you have to work towards getting new ones...or... cheat and buy a whole bunch of creds at the shopsmiley

This is the link to his guild:

friday 15/02/2008

I havent lost a battle since ive updated my deck
Must be level 5 plus
Message my char page when u join

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