monday 11/02/2008

Do you play Urban Rivals for fun?
Want to play with other light hearted players?
Join the League of Fools!

Send me a message to continue.

Anyone welcome, so inquire today!

Kefka's apostles:

Dark alliance:
you forgot the link (i do that lolz)


Active Australian. (*growls at sullivan for beating him on the country charts*)
Been playing for about a week 'n' a half.
Best result in a daily tournament so far 5th/2000+
Using daily to rack up clintz to build an ELO deck to suit my playstyle.

Any guilds offering? I'm looking for a guild that can benefit from my input aswell as for my benefit and enjoyment being in the guild.
I'm not joining a guild just for the sake of being in one. So "zomg join my guild its da bestxx0rz 1337" posts will be ignored.
Also anyone making one of those posts just to spite me will be pointed at and laughed at.

The title says it all quickly, quickly come

I would to b in your guild...
Can you let join??



Click the link and postulate or click on the link i pm-ed you and postulate.

Join my guild if your a inuyasha fan

sunday 10/02/2008

K lets get serious and tell me if you want a guild war or not!

Its probably because you dont answer quick enough.
if that happens, ask the person to reconsider and to come bak to your guild.
its woked twice for me.
good luck

Administrator position has been filled.
but you can still join this awesome guild.

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Thanks for posting the link!

sir slaughter

Sure us:
hope to see you

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Join us,
your very welcome here
hope to see you

We r very chatty and fun i aso sell cheap cards to guild members who have been in ft longer then a week

'A strong base of warriors. Those who not only use nature on their side, but fight honorably.'

I welcome all new members to the NEW Warriors of the Wilderness guild. I promise you that, as Leader, I shall make this guild a great place to be at, with your help. Once we start building up, this guild will become very powerful. I shall begin rewards for assistance once recruitment begins.

I may have joined only a couple of days ago, but am almost at lvl 13 already. I understand the game. My current rank is 'Master'.

To join our guild, go to the link below. smiley
(More to be added shortly)

Children of the Dragon:

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