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friday 14/09/2018

Look no further than Open Casket smiley

We have an active community in the game, forums and a Discord chat, frequent events, a fully automated Guild Bank, and many other sweet goodies! smiley

sunday 09/09/2018

friday 07/09/2018

Ohh ffs wrong place sorry

monday 03/09/2018

Come to the Knights! We are ran by old members who made a comeback!

sunday 26/08/2018

Hi guys im returning to game again, getting more and more active each day. i like playing survivor smiley im fairly quiet and prefer to sit back in the shadows smiley

saturday 25/08/2018

Thanks guys really appreciate itsmiley

friday 17/08/2018

We live to serve our fair queen smiley

Aaaawwww thanks guyssmileysmileysmileysmiley

sunday 12/08/2018

Note: Thread Closed. Best of luck for XC`s next campaign.

friday 10/08/2018

Let others know why they should join your guild. Make sure to sell yourself smileysmiley

wednesday 01/08/2018

Awesome! Glad to have you onboard stevil smiley

monday 30/07/2018

Hello! Welcome back! I also recently got back to the game, and started a guild with a couple others like us, called The Royal Knights! We are smaller but very active overall. We would love to have you. smiley

sunday 08/07/2018

thursday 05/07/2018

New guild looking for new people! Preferably veteran and above,but all are welcome! I will give a free Robb Cr to one randomly chosen person once 100 people join! Thank you and have fun smiley


wednesday 04/07/2018

Awesome smiley sent you a friend request dude

wednesday 27/06/2018

monday 25/06/2018

Aren't u little too positive Hoppa...smiley

sunday 17/06/2018


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