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saturday 06/06/2020

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wednesday 03/06/2020

Hello everyone.I'm Magic Cisco. I was banned from my account Magic Cisco because I inflicted the CGU of the game.
I want to do this topic to say sorry publicly for my behaviour of yesterday night where I created a lot of topics where I attacked the game and other players. This won't happen anymore.
I would like to publicly apologize because when someone makes a mistake, it is better to apologize late than never.
I feel the inconvenience that I have been able to cause the players, mods and staff (especially Saga) for my behavior and it will not happen again after now. I want to forget the past and focus on playing and having fun, which is what I have always been Dear.
Greetings to all and good UR.

Are there any pirate loving clubs that are recruiting?

monday 01/06/2020

Looking for 13 members. I have no current members at the moment. I help with ELO/EFC, DT, Survivor, Events, Coliseum, the Market, almost everything on UR. No hardcore requirements just that you stay active and take pride in winning every area of the game.

Very active, I play everyday

Accepting members for my guild

friday 29/05/2020

Cmon aboard the HoA team, we are fun and friendly and don't bite smiley

wednesday 27/05/2020

Woah, that's very helpful thanks @Piranga, I love your thread on Clan Arena Skins, can't wait for devs to complete GHEIST arena, used to love their KO animation back in the day...also do keep updating your thread as soon as the new arenas and KO animations comesmiley

tuesday 19/05/2020

While I don't know about any big WhatsApp groups, there is a large open international discord server with English, Spanish, Italian and French sections:


tuesday 28/04/2020

Hello we got free caskets and is English speaking smiley

friday 24/04/2020

Hi I'm trading my dragan MT for 16M in card value.
the offer has to include a DJ KHORR (10 M)

1st Ymirah Max:
I value the card at 3.2 M, and I want a Dounia Mt (3.2 M as well) in exchange.
2nd Ymirah (0xp):
I value the card at 3.4 M for 3 Merweiss (1.1 M per unit, maxed out prefered)

friday 10/04/2020

Thanks for all the offers guys, I decided on HoA. smiley
I wish prosperity upon all of your clubs, unless of course we get matched up in club wars.

thursday 09/04/2020

Hello man! If u want u can try Syndicate smileysmiley Just 1 thing, be active in game and in the forum smiley

tuesday 07/04/2020

monday 30/03/2020

sunday 29/03/2020

The current meta my friend is..
> EQUALIZER - x Power Min 2 to 0
lol hahahahahahahahaha

Hey are you looking for a guild that you can join? Are you an active player who's out to prove him/herself better than others?

Then you qualify to join this guild, as we grow we will beef up out expectations of our members but for now activity and a desire to win is all that you need to join us.

tuesday 24/03/2020

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