saturday 26/01/2008

We are new though...that will explain the number of people we currently have!

What has this to do with ur

By buying credits BUT YOU HAVE BOUGHT NONE

Join us at The Coven

Join us at The Coven


friday 25/01/2008

Give them the link of your guild and tell them to postulate.


So if anyone want to join dogswithguns click on the link above and postulate.

Bloody souls:

thursday 24/01/2008

If you join the great guild the first 5 will be admins and if you are with us for a certain amount of time i will give a free card with value.

this will be a guild that is never unactive and always updated of things going on

Join everyone we are da best

I'm new to this game, and i wanna join a guild! i want to joni a guild that is nice, willing to give cards to me, and give me stragies! plz tell me if u want to recruit me

ReVoLuTiOnArY tEcH:

To join his guild click on the link and then click postulate.

wednesday 23/01/2008 you want to join?


@Saves some time, the link.

Hey simple recruitment thread...just a bunch of people who want to play the game.

We are a new guild and still with only 4 people and we need more!
Here is the link

I would love to join your guild my name is garit and i am lv 13 im not a noob evan though my lv is a noob lv and i hate zombies and love saving the town so i want to join ok smiley

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