saturday 19/01/2008

Yet again, i remind you pplz that its a "i'm new" thread, not a "help on freaks/nightmare deck" or "why nightmare pwns all" thread

tip: if you see an uppers (one with green diamond) and allstars (one with blue badge with some number on it) then you better pray that random likes you today
especially when they have lamar, zatman, jackie and striker (you're basically screwed then)

friday 18/01/2008

Todos os portugueses k estejam interessados a pertencer a nossa guild:

só aceitamos de 20 para cima k sejam activos!

How do you expect them to look up to there guild owner if theyll be higher leveled than you?

Come and be a Warrior of scorn!!!
We are a friendly bunch of warriors (unless angered) who are looking for new recruits to join our army!!!
We welcome anyone who loves a laugh, loves the game and just wants to have fun!!!
come have a look just click on the link below,


My guild is at

We are now 10 members srtong and looking for more

Heavens faction:

thursday 17/01/2008




Lol mermaid, you just love montana lolsmiley

Do you think you have what it takes and are higher than a level five well the join today. This will be the best thing you ever decided to do so join right away when you get the chance.

Join now Area 51

Dang,,,,u even got ur guild a motto,,,,ur good,,,lol,,,,,

wednesday 16/01/2008

Mods close this i did if by accident sorry

Contact for info

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