thursday 29/11/2007

P.S. go to if you want to join.

My guild is recruiting any one
join my guild so we can reach # 1
Creed of Assassination:

wednesday 28/11/2007

join now!

W.M.D , join us at wise men distracted smiley

Please come join my guild. We are still small, but I would love to get a great group of people together to play with.

Please close this

The samurai guild is looking for players in the australia, south east asia time zone

the guild is hopefully going to hold a tornament so dont miss out a chance to win a card

also, i will help players to understand the game, maybe get card help and have fun!!!

New Guild created between me and a friend. Need more members, I myself am very active.

Guild Name: Spartans

tuesday 27/11/2007

Domination is recruiting ppl lvl 5 and up.

Note: We have until tomorrow to get 4 people!

It's already starting.. we've gotten a couple members.. let's get some more in here.. have some REAL fun..

smileylol i forgot the link smiley

It depends on what subject there for , certain topics are banned whilst over's might have unacceptable comments regarding players or other things of that nature , a recently banned topic is the random factor due to the fact the admin/mods have already explained about it and people still complain about it , it really depends on the topics that the comments are for , same goes for creating threads , threads have to bechecked to see if they are 'legal' as KVraven has posted a list of thread rules for every subject , hope i helped smiley

Im seeking a guild, im very new though.

monday 26/11/2007

We are a brand new guild looking for new members.

We are recruiting all applicants, everybody who applies is welcome, come join us and help us grow as we help you in return.

In war there is no waiting...
In death there is no time...
Only can we live with no wait...
If we ride to war as one...
With our swords held high...

join my new guild and cards are going cheap!
daily sales will be held andauctions for rare and collector cards!
everyone is welcome to join and the first 4 to join will have a chance of becoming my administrators!

If you want to join a guild go to the bane of death cool name huh.... well just postulate if u want to join but u have 2 be 10 and up^

Http:// Visit here if u want to request.


This Is The Link To The Guild Master,apperntice im not fussed who you are, where you come from as long as we fight as one

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