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sunday 25/11/2007

The guild Death By Grace is recruiting. This guid so far has 19 people and waiting for more. Learn more by looking up Death By Grace. Thanks.

Looking for memebers? I'll join.

saturday 24/11/2007

I'll give you a shot. The samurai code is very attractive.

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=122051 COme Join Deadly Alliance

The angels of clint city are lokking for people to join...... no requirements no hassle all u have to do is ask the link is http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=122708 .. so if u wanna join follow this link smiley smileysmileysmiley

"Note, Stick Stevee cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits)"

you have to purchase credits from "the shop" to be able to sell your cards on the public market

You dont have to put ARMA

Come in albanians armys guild you will have 500 clints bonus


Come To The Infiniti Project!

Please! I am recruiting any fellow players who are interested in joing a guild! It does not matter if you just want the guild name beside your name! I am currently recruiting anyone in joing **AnthraX**

Be Safe & God Bless You All (Or whoever you beleive to)

Spread the virus...


The_demoniak_of_elo is recruiting

U are the one.....U are in the top of eLo in the week....you speak a bit english and U want to join a guild which will be the best ELO group soon ......

If you think that you are good this is the minimum you'll need smiley

1. min. level 15 (so you can play ELO)
2. have fun and respect your opponents
3. active playing
4. you love elo


smiley Anyway, I am looking for somebody that is ACTIVE. I plan on having a guild that is focused on training members cards, or collecting a certain type. If you are intersteed, message me or post here.

SOrry, I forgot, my guild name is Urban-Rivals Mercenaries smiley

Heres the link lol

friday 23/11/2007

Why is it takin so long for them to validate mesmileyits getting me smileysmileycan you tell me what to dosmiley

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