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saturday 13/10/2007

If you're English (or from anywhere else in the UK) and want to join a guild no matter your level then look no further. We're a friendly guild dedicated to having fun and improving our rankings

To join, follow the link below and click: "Postulate to this guild" once you've applied you will be approved as soon as one of our admins can authenticate you.


See you soon,


Shadow Wolves looking for anyone level as long as your active XD http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=100079

I made a new guild and if anyone would like to join just send the request! thanks!

Join us today! you wont regret it.

The Emerald Sparks are a guild dedicated to helping its players become great within their own right, whilst also maiming rival guilds.

http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=99890 - recruitment page

Plz can i come in 2 your guild i really want 2

Join my guild Shadows of Yore @ http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=100088

If you join me we will make a new better world together
If you don't join me i'll hunt you down and snipe you up

Hi Kaos,

I just applied, send me a message if you want.

All the best!

friday 12/10/2007

Umm.. any ody? join my guild? this topic is dying.. smiley

If u join my guild u get a free code for 20 credits

I wish you luck old friend!

If things do not pan out, you are always welcome back to legends of America! We have made changes and are growing in strength...instead of numbers.

Founder and Proud member of LoA

Hi dorky i started this year i think with 8 free cards i lost a lot vut still managed to earn clintz and buy free booster packs now i have 56 cards an

d counting i should get another booster pack this week play have fun win.


Urban Champz will offer the best service. We can train together, play, vs and trade. Don't miss out on the great offer my guild can give to you ! Thankz.

Joi my guild we have active members and are even planning a tournament within the guild

thursday 11/10/2007

Id like to join because because i would like to join a guild and meet new friends i also think i have a strong-ish deck

Apply on the guild page
accepting pretty much anyone

Whooo yee smiley

I have an guild that i need ppl to join.i dont really care wat lvl u r i will accept you as long as ur over lvl 5 because lvl 5 is the minimum lvl that guilds can recruit ppl.any1 can join .what my guilds purpose is to prepare ppl to be good urban-rivals players in the future.

Yes join us!

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