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sunday 07/10/2007

Please join we need 10 more members

saturday 06/10/2007

Please join,we need more members!

If you are looking for a new, upcoming, English talking guild than you have come to the right place. if you have a respect level of 8 or above than u are free to join. it will not cost you anything to join but i am asking you to remain active. thank you for your time, i look forward to seeing you soon

Welcome. If you are reading this, then it shows you have a slight interest in my guild.smiley

Join today, and become a full member of the Dark Hand, crush your opponants with no mercy and together....
we shall rule this world!!!smiley

Psycho's of all ages are welcome smiley
People who are polite are to be shot on site.

Warning!! this message may contain nuts.smiley

Welcome to Urban Rivals!

I'm new too even I already lvl 17 >.<

want to become our guild member?



The guild of Calamitous Intent is now recruiting.


I am looking for some players who want to have fun and arent looking out just for themselves.

Goals? How about wold domination...

Send me a message if interested

The Blaze guild is on fire new but effective and willing to help and build strength in anyone!
The Blaze guild is gonna grow and become a legendary guild guaranteed!
Becoming the best starts with u but ends with ur team ur guild ur family right here at home!

Youst wait if you quite you lost
yes they will selected randomnes from your deck it can have more than 8 cards but it must have 8

Hey welcome to the game i hope you enjoy yourself
1.Your allready to go i don't think theres anything stopping you
2.you can ask here or if it's really urgent ask a moderater

smileyOthers look at our guild name and say " hey this guild must be lame or wanna act cool" but i beg to differ.Our guild is kind and we will play and train you whenever we are free and help each other.We are more than a guild or family, we are Really Bonded Family which may sound weird but hey it is cool.So please try and think about it.I may be quite happy to accept as our own!

friday 05/10/2007

Hi everybody
I make my own guild now have 5 members,
and I'm still looking for new member,
anyone is welcome here come and join this guild!



I'm Indonesian can I join (I live in Newcastle

Right here http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=96585

Looking for members to stay alive.

Who wants to join my guild and its free if you do its called redmetal

I am making a guild called "i love noobs " who will join.if iget more than 3 people i will make it.

Uncle Sam wants YOU! haha na, u don't even need to be aztec, it'd be cool tho, if ure interested hit me up or chekit out,, http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=96330 AJAJJAAIII!!! lol

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