thursday 06/09/2007

Join us, all is welcome

You can join *!*Serbs from Hell*!*.We dont have any requirments.So just postulate.

If you were to join this guild, join ONLY because that baby with the warhat on will be your leader!

tuesday 04/09/2007

Hey im trying to racruit people for my guild and im accepting anyone senior rank or higher and im only the founder anyone who beats me can become the leader if you are the best in my guild and other positions include general commander and advisor.

centaurossmileyestroyers of light guild finder

How do I join Gavilan as I am a noobie

monday 03/09/2007

The Angel Army is a new guild looking for members. Come and join the fun smiley

sunday 02/09/2007

saturday 01/09/2007

We are recruiting people from all over the world. This Guild is for Animal lovers and for people open minded. Welcome all....


It's been awhile since I posted anything in here...But we are still looking to recruit some new members...If your lookin for some new friends and allies...look us up......

The SKA PUNK HARDCORE Guild Invite You All To Join The Fun !!!! What Are YOU Waiting For ??? smiley

friday 31/08/2007

smileyThe Guild of Power is actively recruiting for all new members to join this new crew,we maybe new but we will get to be a top Guild and we are very friendly and always have friendly competition and always train with other players and always do what we can for our fellow members,we also trade and sell and buy our cards from our members as well that way we can have a choice of which we think is good and help new players along that way they may have a chance at getting higher levels quicker.So come on join the Guild of Power and let us make you a player to be remembered.smiley

Join this sacred order and let the flames of your power soar...
Anyone who wants to join can contact me

thursday 30/08/2007

We are just a couple of guys from the good old U.S.A looking for a few other players to join our guild.

We plan on running in guild turniments weekly. If at all possible we will be giving out prizes.

if intrested feel free to submit a request to us.


Can i join. i am pretty good u know

Whats up I'll join your guild.

Looking for anyone who wants to join the guild Lethal Assassins
especially want aussies (since their in my time zone)
but all are welcome

September´s Prize: Lamar

Bearwolf and I have teamed up and started a guild and are looking for members. Our guild is called T.D.S.O.L.P
which stands for "The Dark Shadows of Linkin Park" Visit us.
A couple things we have discussed doing are weekly get togethers in the private battle room for private matches wether you just want to play or if you are trying to level up certain cards. We had also talked about having privat tournaments not sure how we could work it but we could figure something out. So please check us out and consider joining.

wednesday 29/08/2007

If you're a Filipino player with a level higher than 9 and very active in the game, look no further!

Pork Tofu is accepting new members!

If someone is beating you up, we can try to beat them up for you!smiley


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