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monday 10/09/2007

Anyone who wants to join can contact me.

Hello, im there founder of goodfellas and i hope as u read this u wish to jion r guild.
were looking for players that r try to achive greatness, not only on there own but a guild to take with
them. We need player that r willing to help other player and work together in any areas needed.
as i stated before were still new but i will work and try to make r guild fun but strong at the same time,
thanks for lisening i hope to here from u soon

sunday 09/09/2007

Close it

Hi my guild is new and needs members.
Mesege me if u want to join.

A.N.B.U (ANsatsu senjutsu tokushu BUtai) is looking for new members!!!! u aint one of the elite until uve joined A.N.B.U!!! if you think you've got what it takes then giv us a holla!!!! what im offering you is more than a membership in our guld what im offering you is immortality!!!! join us and together we shall go down in urban-rivals history and destroy every single opposition in clint city!!!! Join us now!!!!! its either with us or ur against us!!!! your choice!!!

Hello this is the leader of thantos ride aka death ride we just play for fun
If you want to join just the guild its oksmiley

I'm currently looking for players above lvl. 20 to join my guild. i'm looking for players who are violent and experienced players.... like you..... postulate now!!!!!

saturday 08/09/2007

There are no requirements all u got to do is join


friday 07/09/2007

And by the way, I forgot to give You the most important of all.
This is Link to guild.


Powy?ej znajduje sie link(o którym zapomnia?em), pod którym mo?ecie znale?? nowiutk? gildie
Serdecznie zapraszam

Hi to all>>>
i will invite to join to my guild because a accept all players all over the worldsmileysmileysmiley
we will help you to train your cards and to buy good cards for a little smileysmileysmileysmileysmiley
just click postulate to leaderssmiley

If you are level 10+, speak english, and play UR actively, join The Black Parade. This guild is just to have fun, and get help learning/playing the game if needed.

thursday 06/09/2007

Join us, all is welcome

You can join *!*Serbs from Hell*!*.We dont have any requirments.So just postulate.

If you were to join this guild, join ONLY because that baby with the warhat on will be your leader!

tuesday 04/09/2007

Hey im trying to racruit people for my guild and im accepting anyone senior rank or higher and im only the founder anyone who beats me can become the leader if you are the best in my guild and other positions include general commander and advisor.

centaurossmileyestroyers of light guild finder

How do I join Gavilan as I am a noobie

monday 03/09/2007

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