friday 10/08/2007

The reason i want more people in my guild is to make it more interesting for me and the small amount in there already. well if anyone doesnt have a guild and wants to join we accept everyone 10+.

thursday 09/08/2007

We are currently 2nd of the country, we are looking for people level 15 and above


Actually the link to his guild is

We don't need you to join anyways.....

wednesday 08/08/2007

No it is not my 1 er langeau made I am a Belgian

tuesday 07/08/2007

Recruiting all good players 15000 game points and above

we are seeking you so just postulate to our wondeful guild

soon to be the best......

Join DEMOLITION together we will rule the world of urban rival
we will show evreyone our tallent, so join the doors are open

monday 06/08/2007

What are the advantages to joining a guild or joining this one over another??

We ask that you please be active both in the guild message boards and playing the game.

Oh yeah, we're ranked #4 in the US.

What I really miss somehow in this (online)trading card game is something like a main story plot which connects the characters and shows somehow the different relationships between the different clans.
Something that turns the numbers the ability and the picture into a character with some kind of depth.Yes I know this is a useless Idea theskill matters.has recently to do with the game itselfsmiley
But wouldn' t it be cool?You can do a lot of cool stuff with the clans and charecters,here are my first three Ideas

The "Golden Sun Tournament" initated by the Fang Pi Clang to show the rest of Clint City that their Kung-Fu is the best invites the best fighers from all clans for a battle up to the death. As this is not enough to cause some trouble in Clint City the first Prize "THE GOLDEN SUN" is an worshiped and lost artifact for the Sakrohm and has a nice and dark use for the nightmare.

After Years of testing and inventions Morphun finaly created a new kind of pill which increases the powers of the one who uses it much much better than the "old" ones.Knowing that this pill can destroy the whole balance in Clint City morphun tries to hide the prototype.But Sigmund already knows and has his own plans.

After some murder in the last month the Sentinel have to accept that this murderer and what he does to his victims is not from this word. Seeing no sence in hunting him with pure force they call skiner and his buggy zdrone to solve the problem

"Clint City -Stories" just an idea

Here is our link:

sunday 05/08/2007

Ile join your guild britian allthe waysmiley

The priory of scion is open to everyone
my brother and i are the administrators and we are american
the guild is french
we have lots of diffrent countrys involved
if you want to win with divinity on your side join the guild of the future
the priory of scion

Hmmm, maybe, but they cancel my guild after all, so it doesn't matter anymore...

but there is something called gay pride, so some people could declare their sexual orientation openly... there are so many machos around, that gays shouldn't harm anyone smiley

what about you, 0_Scathe, wanna coming out and join me? lol

thursday 02/08/2007

Can eveyone come and join the urban kings. we are the best guild ever we would love to get more people in and expand our guild to become the best on urban rivals

Aww so i have taken over many guilds in my day though u are faithful to your own

I'm looking for a good guild or clan to join. If you want me to join your clan/guild ,since they're looking for members, tell me what you can to interest me with your guild/clan.

wednesday 01/08/2007

Coem on people we got 11 people now still recruiting. as said on another post we are the sister guild to the last crusade

We are a predominately american guild looking to branch out into other languages and cultures, all may serve the army. if you apply you will be accepted, we aim to grow with our members and absorb many into our ranks.

here is a link to the guild site:

we have no rules other than active play is required.

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