sunday 22/07/2007

Check out the kings of albion, we may take you on but we request that you are commited to the guild

What's up with this? We were deleted???? We had 4 members, I'm also sitting on 2 more invites that I can't process cuz we were deletedsmiley. What's up with this? I guess new guilds aren't welcome here?

We accept anyone not matter wat level,or country your from.Check us out some time.

saturday 21/07/2007

Hi, I am Blood Assassin, Leader of the Order of The Blades...

We welcome anyone; Newcomer or Veteran...for I am a new to this myself...I have been playing for 4 days now and just wanted to branch out, as I suppose many of you do...

So if you want to join a guild where everyone's welcome there really is no place better...


friday 20/07/2007

Come on, we need more members!

Hi can i join ?

I am looking for members for my new guild, Supremacy. To join, you must be at least level 15, speak english, play actively, and be respectful of other members. If you meet our requirements, come join us. Thanks.


Not the right subjectsmiley

thursday 19/07/2007

The Flushers are looking for more members to help the guild move up. We will accept anyone level 15 and higher who speaks english and plays actively. We are currently # 7 in the US, and # 381 in the world. Check us out.

We have 7 members so far, 1 is in elo mode, and i am about to be in elo mode. If you have a fasination with the Freaky and Nightmarish come join.

wednesday 18/07/2007

I dont no if som1 came up wit this idea allready but I think we should have an all elo area so people can find eachother better

You want to get cards join our clan to play in tournaments.we give out collectors and rares down.theres over a 1000 guild..well..good luck <<(sarcasm)

tuesday 17/07/2007

Yup if ur the winning card depending on the poison(3 max 5 or 2 max 3) for each turn after ur opponent will lose that much life at end of turn until the 2nd #

DragonAngels? What is a Dragon Angel you may ask your self. Well, A DragonAngel is loyal to there guild. Respectful to other players in the game, Honest,Brave. If this sounds like you then you are DragonAngels Material.
Come one, come all!!! We need everyone we can get!!!

monday 16/07/2007

Nasty Noyp! is the name. .
-must be lvl 25 or i think lvl 20 is the lowest
-can speak english or filipino
-must be friendly
-can follow rules
-loves to play UR
- most of all "Can Respect Other Players"
If you have this so join now. .

Clint city is under seige!! Omega Supreme is back on Cybertron. The Autobots are spread throughout numerous galaxies. MEGATRON has actually created his own Decepticon clan. He has actually taken Tigertron hostage. We need to be reinforced somthing fierce. Come join the side of light. We are the shining beacon that the citizens of Clint city will look up to.

Our clan will fight Decepticons at any time we see them in the duelling rooms. They MUST BE STOPPED.

Come join the AUTOBOT AVENGERS, pick your favorite set your avatar. Then, put evil in its place.

check us out at:

sunday 15/07/2007

Lets see i know all the 1st rate pokemon and i have cards i love pokemon

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