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tuesday 31/07/2007

If u r under level 11 then join the first crusade the last crusade only accepts lv12 and up go t o the first crusade then u can come to the last

The last crusade is looking for some talent http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577
if u think u can hang then your more then welcome to try but if u r a begginer the try our other begginer guild the first crusade

monday 30/07/2007

Yes the first crusade is still recruting looking for some talent

sunday 29/07/2007


We are ready for you to join......If you wanna meet new people and make new friends....just join.....

- Imperium is a relatively new guild, recruiting everyone that thinks they're 'ard enough.
- We want anyone who enjoys playing the game and can be serious when needed. You must be friendly!
- We want to provide a safe haven for people who want to play for fun, and who want to compete

Come along and see what you think


Yh general is the best la lunta , guru is one of the best sakorhms , kiki cr is one of the best roots , i think your right maybe the srongest cards after a while get turned into collectors , alos sigmund is the leader of gheist so maybe it is leaders who get turend into collectors

Yeah I was wondering that too......smiley

:smileyevil: Joining this guild could turn a neewbie or experienced player into a imperator if alot of us join ok get it!!!!! so if u join u could be one of many to experience a sweet name guild and a nuty crazy cool guild that could make other guilds fall to our Knees!!!! So if u join dont forget to tell other players to join the wicked guild ok??? so pls join.............It will be made tommorow ok!!! PLAYER"S GUILD NAME:BOOMERMAN!!smileysmiley

If u have somethin to say then say it to the last crusade if not then wht r u waiten for join us http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577

You lot are nothing compared to the kings of albion!!!! I challenge thee!!!!

saturday 28/07/2007

Come join Legacy we are acepting from any country at the moment, we have guides and tournaments,
ranking system. i need active players hard workers and people with talent to help grow the guild to a high rank.
acepting lv 5+

Follow the link \ (o__o) /````

!Join! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35010. !Join!

Our guild consist of players trying to be the best! Better decks, better strategies, better game, and support from each other.

Anyone and everyone willing to be in a winning guild can join!

Our goal is to be the best and strongest!

!Join! http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=35010. !Join!

friday 27/07/2007

Please join in my guild called: >>>>Shadow Freaks<<<<
everyone is welcom. pls... join......


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Searching for members that want's to join

Still looking anybody interested?????smiley

Now recruiting members for Dumbledores Army...

thursday 26/07/2007

If you want to be with the Xtremists join the Xtreemest guild right now smiley

Lol i jus postulated in2 ur guild

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