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wednesday 11/07/2007

I also find it kind of amusing i see many guilds out that have like 50-200 members , whats the point? i guarantee 80% of there members dont play anymore or have no clue what to do, whats the point in having them apart of your guild if there not active, not contributing the the guild and to other members in the guild?

my opinion is: Its not about quantity it is about quality ! smiley always has been always will be no matter what game i run my guild/gang/crew in smiley

If I didn't have my own guild I'd be joining....lol!!!!!

tuesday 10/07/2007

We Need You!

ok if you think you've got enough to become an elite this is the Guild for you!

we are accepting everyone lv.1-99

if you are below lv.15 you have to weeks to acheive that goal
(Currently 10th in uk Guild Rankings)

Wat's the benefit joining the guild?

monday 09/07/2007

Come on the winners side!

sunday 08/07/2007


Well, you could buy packs using credits... and then sell older cards to kate.

Well... Business before pleasure, my dad always says... Not like I listen.

saturday 07/07/2007

Lmao shut down

My guild is looking for recruits! Its all about havin fun in tourns and stuff! Me and me mates made it and we're all about havin fun so if you want to have fun in your guild, join mine! English speaking only smiley

friday 06/07/2007

How do i gain more credits witout purchasing them

Our number have gone back up. After the removal of 30+ members due to inactivity, we have already welcomed 19 new members. the hope is that of those 19, 4 or so will stay full time here in Clint city and will grow as we grow.

Sounds like something you'd be interested in? I hope that you are. Either way I wish you all the success in the world. This is a very exciting time for this game, and now is a great time to find yourself a great team to play with! See you out there!

Rockem of LoA

There's a difference between friendly rivalry and badmouthing. This is not a "my guild is better than your guild" thread. This is a recruitment thread. If you want to recruit for your guild do it in your own thread, don't hijack someone else's.


Come and see the fastest growing guild ever http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577

If y'ou are an ARTIST , we NEED you ( french-site: http://guerriart.darkbb.com/

thursday 05/07/2007

wednesday 04/07/2007

Http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577 join now gain some experience and friends

Want to join a real guild then come join our rapidly growing guild want to improve your expiernce and deck then join here http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=43577

Join the Legion of Doom now!!!

We are going to make it into the top ten British Guilds.
We are looking for all players but remember you need to be over lvl 5

Hi! We are looking for people to join our guild. It's called Undercover Devils and we except beginners or masters. Levels don't concern us. We just want to make friends and collect cards + fighting, training, trading (the normal stuff) I have made so many friends since I made Undercover Devils. But if you are not interested don't worry! I'm not alone! But just in case Undercover Devils suits you well please consider us. I promise you won't regret it!

Search us or email me at katecky@hotmail.com

Red Fury- Admin of Undercover Devils

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