sunday 01/07/2007

Join my guild TransformerZ to be number one...

Join now!!!

for Filipinos only

We need memmbers for a guild called lost pirate were desprate we want about 100 members

I know the pictures are GIF.. What I mean is "I used a flash object to embed the sounds".. You can't just embed a sound if it is not on the body tag ( <BODY> )... You need to do some special cases about it.. Like <Embed> (Actually, you need some scripting on this one), and <OBJECT> (some flash objects or media players will do)..

saturday 30/06/2007

Hey y'all. I'm Jonsie and I'm recruiting for the High Flying Dogfighters. The guild just started up so we need some active members to help get it on it's feet. any country is welcome. We're very friendly and are accepting any level 10+ Levels 8 and 9 will be concidered for entry as well.

Come check us out:

Hope to have you join the team smiley

Oh! Alright. Thanks so much.

I haverecreated my old guild KINGS OF ALBION with the view of getting better more improved members as lots of the old ones stoped playing so anyone intrested please join, we only want those that are serious about playing and trying to move up the guild ranks, the link for this guild is:
Cheers everyone,
Albion Sox87

We need you to join our guild no requirements needed all we want is members that are loyal its called lost pirate and super cool

We are G.O.A.T. An organisation that has sprung forth from the soil to rise like a mountain above the lesser guilds. We are hear to spread the word and have aspirations of world domination but are happy to just sit back, relax and watch the other guilds destroy themselves. So for those who are yearning for world domination in an relaxing, casual and fun atmosphere join us! Today... Today!


The lowest rank is best and u lose value as u go higher in number

Hey do you guys recall when you first registered and got your first 8 cards What were they? Mine's were Maeva (C), Ataoualpet (C), Vryer (C), Gary (C), Flo (U), Svelthlana (C), Mitch (C), Leo (C. It would be nice hearing from some of the players that were here LONG before me.

friday 29/06/2007

I think we're kinda advertising it too much

Come on people be part of us

thursday 28/06/2007

My guild, The Flushers, are recruiting. We are looking for players that can help us move up in rankings, preferably level 10 and higher, but we'll accept just about anyone who would like to join. We are currently ranked 42nd in the US, and our goal is to be in the top 10. We only ask that our members play a couple tournaments every week, and put up with our psychotic randomness.
Here is a link to our guild:

smiley smiley seems i made way to much spelling errors, thats cuz i just woke up^__smiley__^.

any way i forgot to mention that any1 can join not just the RHS (if you dont no by now its Rap/Hip hop Stars)

wednesday 27/06/2007

The fallen ones is a guild who will accept anyone. its always doing cool things like tounoments and stuuff join today.smileysmiley

We accept everyone

Une GUILDE pour rassembler tous ceux qui ont cette Passion : "Urban Rivals"

Il y aura un bon forum où on peut discuter à propos du jeu, des cartes et aussi des Tactiques smiley Donc Venez vite smiley

Everyone Can JOIN US !!!! Vous êtes les bienvenus smiley

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