tuesday 26/06/2007

Anyone could join my guild if u have courage and good tatics

Lol is dutch for funny

Pretty high standards, but in turn, it will only make your guild stronger.

monday 25/06/2007

Come on in and join all are welcome

Sorry, forgot to post a link.
Flushers: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=40211

Still, it's very funny


I'm searching for players with at least level 10 who often play
The goal: have fun on urban rivals smiley

la guilde des pro.....blèmes is a young guild so I need motivated players to make it improve!

sunday 24/06/2007

The Grey Council is looking for fun and active players to enlarge our ranks. We are here to have fun while playing as good as we can.
Players from any country and any level are more than welcome!!!smiley
Take a look and apply @ http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=31438

Hello wanna join a new guild?
Im walking the scores up and i wanna hook up with some cool ppl smiley
Well what u w8ing for ??? APLY

Requirements to join:
1.must be Lvl 15+
2. must be a player that plays daily

Go to my page if you want to join my Clan

saturday 23/06/2007

Made by Haku kid,i think he has 1-2 days left before the guild expires
He will teach you on how to become a good elo player
postulate now:

Lynxx said he would come back, though.

Hey this is my new guild, we are here to have fun and help each other out if we need it.

please come and join it is for all levels and countries.

you will find us here :http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=39042

So if you watch , play ,or talk yu gi ou

Join the Hells Helpers on2 conditions you can speak english and 2 u must be ready to kik ass

friday 22/06/2007

In the lost warehouse its not important to win, cuz when u win or lose u still only get 1 pnt 1clnt unless u evolve ur card

Prophet this guy just a worm leave it he thinks his tiny guild can match up to LOA

Guys ignore tht worm ,great guild you got =D

I'll join too, my last guild was going nowhere, I could use some place to let the darkness out once in a while.....

thursday 21/06/2007

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