sunday 03/06/2007

New members.

Membership Requirements.
1. Must love to have fun.
2. Must be interested in making new friends.

If that sounds like you then DragonAngel's Clan is the best place for you.

saturday 02/06/2007

Hey guys im startin a guild so us brits can stand 2gether & show the rest of the game wat were made of! like the sound of it, then check out <~Kingdom Of The U.N.I.T.E.D~>

MCR fanatic.

Ill join if you want me

friday 01/06/2007

Join my guild if you think you are the best, no more fooling around with the noobs, this guil is for Superios!

Este gremio es para los mas chingones del barrio! Nosotors seremos superiores ala raza inferior!

We need people strong people if you are interested contact me

Join my guild "Full Metal Jacket"

What kinda help do u need????????

thursday 31/05/2007

Ok, I found the info I needed, and no longer need this thread replied to.....thanks

The Undercover Devils are a fun guild. we r all about fun and collecting cards. i have made so many friends in the Undercover Devils guild. Also we have players who have been playing for a long time so we can help if your new. we take all levels! we want u to join us! message me if u have any questions i have spoken french for 2 years now if ur french plz consider joining! maybe the name suits you!

Red Fury- Admin of Undercover Devils

Eh well if they dont respond you can apply to chaotic injustice if you would like.

It depends on when you're playing them. During a tournament (in a tournament scoring room), the magic number is 2 before your battle points become negligible. During regular play, you can play an opponent 5 times before you lose out on earned battle points.

wednesday 30/05/2007

173 memberssmiley

First could I get a vet guild admin to tell me how to actually add people to the guild? The Guild Profile is here:

We need members we exept all countrys and personalities whether yoursmiley or smiley or smiley orsmiley orsmiley

Please join the black brigade

Look no further, the Army of Decadence needs you!
we are small, but looking to expand, anybody level 20 or higher will be given the option of becoming an admin, all who apply will be accepted, only requirement is that you are american.

tuesday 29/05/2007

Urban lords are now recruiting any level!

What Country are you from? We don't care, we accept anyone from any country! Our guild consists of all countries and are recruiting anyone, JOIN NOW!

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