tuesday 29/05/2007

JOIN International Division, that is a re-make of The All CountryGuild, and last time we got in the top 20 for the UK!

Press the community tab up top then go to my messages it's that easy! Also if you don't have guild or don't like the one your in Undercover Devils would like to give you an invitation! If you don't know how to find my guild just answer on this message board. Maybe we could help with any of your other problems! Yours truly

Red Fury- Admin of Undercover Devils p.s don't be a stranger! please answer even if it's no.

That is actually the result of whether the person you've challenged has a portrait or not. If he/she doesn't have a portrait, they are given the portrait of the last person that you've challenged (since being in that room) by default. If they have no picture and you've yet to challenge someone with one, they will still show up as not having a picture.

Go to the guilds main page there will be a option to destroy or delete guild but u have to be the guilds creator

monday 28/05/2007

Join ehj http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=19547

we are a multi game, multi national gaming community spreading across games like shattered galaxy, eve, WoW, trivian, counter strike and more

come be part of something truely great
http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=19547 <~~~ clicky clicky

Well then here we are in Clint City with a Clown Clan of Scrub Ninjas just for you to join and make great come on in we'll fire up a doob and kill us some haters.

3 messages

Hey Vanish! Cool name. If your looking for a friend or someone to talk to contact me. I'm sure there is loads we can talk about! If your looking for a guild I hope you will considering joining my guild. It's called Undercover Devils. You don't have to but hey, maybe the name suits you! You know where to find me! Yours truly, Red Fury -Admin of Undercover Devils

saturday 26/05/2007

He does? Hmm I have not noticed that...

General cr has stop ability
the other cards are simply no abilitessmiley

The Undercover Devils is all about having fun. We help each other out by training and fighting. We have a cool name. Join my guild. You won't regret it!!

Our guild is very new we need members we just only have 2 members if interested to join plz come foward
smiley we really need new members ......OUR GUILD WILL BE THE BEST IN URBAN-RIVALS SOMEDAY

friday 25/05/2007

> above level 15
> Always participate on Daily Tournaments
> Has a good deck
> good stratedgy

smileycome join the fun and have a good time

thursday 24/05/2007

I'm happy to invite you all to join my new guild...
Freedom, honour, and respect are the words that would define it.
I accepte any levels, but only fair players, people who respect other players.
I'm personally fed up with shamefull players who uses stupidly the fair play of EVO players to win matches during tournaments... if you're one of those pass by... if not you are welcome... any nationality as long as you can write english or french...
Postulate here:

And here is the address: http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild/?id_guild=26256

Hi there and welcome to urban rivals, i myself just started about 3 weeks ago and am having a great time i hope u r too, anyway i was wondering since u didnt belong to a guild yet would u join mine im in need of members before it gets closed here is the link http://www.urban-rivals.com/guild.php?id_guild=26282 please give it a try thanks Brian

wednesday 23/05/2007

Ah one question silver... are u on a lot or no

Hey i haev signed up for a guild previously but they havent replied so i guess u could say im still looking and i was wondering how many people u have and anything else i should know because if u will let me i wouldnt mind joining

smileyI am recruiting people to join my guild Ragnarok Rivals EVO guild.
All you need is to be just LVL.5+



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