friday 08/12/2006

Guilds are just "colors" to unite under. Guilds in general have no specific purpose. It is up to each specific guild to decide what it exist for. Some guilds like AOD is here for everything bill said above. Other guilds are there to "be the bestest players ever!" and others are for the use of the private guild rooms and board and not really to "represent".

Because of all of these specific and non aligned purposes a guild war system wouldn't work. If you really want to play a king of a hill type game where the initials are UR then play Unreal Tournament, other wise create a warring guild of your own and chat with other guilds about an intra-guild tournament where winner assimilates the losers guild.

Or go to

Am looking for players over the level of thirteen for my guild. its name is urban rivals destructors. we look to strive forwards in this game and need support. friends are invited to come to.
join us at and be part of the revalation

thursday 07/12/2006

How about a leader with the ability team: -1 opp damage min 1
or min zero! any card with a minus damage min zero would be great!

Hi was up

All good points guys, thank you.

After consideration, -reDux-is open to all players, the only condition is that you are active in UR.



We are a clan with many nationalities and we comunicate in english..
if you are active player you are welcome to our clan
our clan name is KO FIGHTERS

wednesday 06/12/2006

Yup, I had a few encounters with the random factor when my card should have clearly won. Kinda puts the surprise element in the game although it can be a downer at times when winning or losing depends on that one last card. Hmm, where's the poll?

tuesday 05/12/2006

Give them an offer that they can't refuse

monday 04/12/2006

Alright i read it, now thank me. hehe just kidding and good luck with your guild

Yes, Going second is a good tactic. As you get more advanced you learn how to effectively turn the tables by going first because of exactly what Jolly Roger said. Most players are not at the advanced stage so there is a big advantage of going second.

sunday 03/12/2006

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Gogogo happy feet, heheeh!

saturday 02/12/2006

Click the link an join.

Haha u arshner u dont know my story how i get my cards...smiley

friday 01/12/2006

It's okay smiley
We have a solution in mind for thoses who wants to play without randomness (be prepare for the "no interrest" 4th round smiley).

Thoses posts will be refused starting from now.
The game has a part of luck, and it will not change (this has been already debated a thousands times).
If you like deterministic games.. I strongly recommend chess. smiley
Subject close.

thursday 30/11/2006

New Independent Wallpaper is available at Comment here.

Oh yes it is damage 4, i have it now, finished evoing smiley

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