saturday 11/11/2006

Quality is better than quantity. To prove it I've created this guild. We will conquer the weak guilds and we will be in the top. Rules: 1)need to be at least level 20, 2)play this game regulary, 3)play ELO , 4)add GD to your name. That's all. Now you can join smiley

Thanks evryone

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If u play u win clintz, u can go to the market and buy cards with it
or get some credits (daily tournament, buy in shop) and buy a card pack in the shop

friday 10/11/2006

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The first flag (big flag) on your profile. I spent about 20 minutes hitting the little flag next to the nation stats before I noticed it was the big flag at top of page.

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Speak English -- this is the English board.

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I thing, that it is my opponents "thinking" in 95%. May be wrong, If yes correct me.
It would be nice to have possibility to surrend from duel withought penalty, if I wait on my opponent more than 1 minute.

I think the messages should be placed under the inbox/message list rather than over, because it's really inconvenient and annoying.!

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Hmmm, i like ckanes description better... lol

thursday 09/11/2006

Pocho: smiley
Starman: You have 12 cards one with a number of pills on it. You face it down against the table and then after you both choose you flip and do the math. ???

Is there anything I can do, they were working earlier today, but now it's just a blank screen.

"specials ranks" smiley
Check out "staff announcements" to get more infos..

I like Lao very much
he is just crazy funny too bad i never had one and its hell expensive now..
he has plain face on level one
gets a mouth, bigger smile and finally haha LOL
(credit to those who took screenshot of Collectors)

wednesday 08/11/2006

That's fine, got it figured out. thanks!

monday 06/11/2006

Leaders work through all the fight even if attacked/blocked by stop.op.ab. cards. Ashigaru is different , his skill makes you play second in the opening round. That doesn't sound that impressive but you still get a 8/6 card , best leader's stats and one of the nicest cards around (esp the lookssmiley)

By now you've probably noticed that there's a lot of pun poke at various 'pop culture' icons. check bangers , Eminem , 2pac, 50 .... smiley

Jackie is a poor lost guy after a real nasty boozer up. I understand that , eventhough i never let myself hit that bottom , and even respect that smiley Jim , on the other hand, is a secret agent , spy ; camouflage and deception is his main weapon . And i admire that smiley

Dwain (C) [Nightmare] - Lvl 2(max) - 3P/3D - -2 opp power, min 3.

He gets way better once he's lvl 3, fyi.

sunday 05/11/2006


saturday 04/11/2006

My guild Soul Reapers

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