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tuesday 24/03/2020

Looking exclusive for 9 members who wants to become a Dredgen. Rules are quite simple, stay active , stay in contact, always know that we all can help each other grow in strength. Message me about more details
- Dredgen yor

tuesday 17/03/2020

People should join this guild so that the Harbingers of Ares and this guild can have competitions for prizes and such. =]

Just saying.

friday 13/03/2020

Sorry. but I said the truth !

saturday 01/02/2020

New thread created - am closing this one.

Many thanks everyone for your continued support!

wednesday 29/01/2020

Will do thanks!

saturday 25/01/2020

Mm wow good to hear some of these communities are still kicking!

monday 20/01/2020

The first members are here!! Our reign is growing... join!

I think that this old, extra RECR thread for our guild could be closed, please @ any mod.

sunday 12/01/2020

Hocam sorma, eskiden ne güzeldi her kartın altında bir dolu Türkçe inceleme görürdük. Şimdi anladığımız dili konuşan aktif adam yok, ingilizce dahil

thursday 09/01/2020

Alright, i'll probably transform it into a discord channel, so everyone can stay in their respective club.
Hopefully it'll be for the best. You can reach me anytime to discuss it.

saturday 28/12/2019

I just started a guild and am looking for members all are welcome. Here to enjoy the game discuss strategies and collect dope ass characters. If anyone is looking for a new guild and help me build it please join SlimeWorld

All are welcome looking for a cool group of people who enjoy the game and want to establish community within the game. I just made this guild and I am looking for people to help build it!!!

tuesday 10/12/2019

Welcome back bro,

There's still loads of active people and communities, I second queeen's post and recommend you join the discord

thursday 05/12/2019

Thank you very much, we accept temporary visits smiley

sunday 01/12/2019

Join us...I'm givin out a Vickie Cr, 100 000+ Clintz and a random TBD based on participation prize smiley

wednesday 13/11/2019

Recruitment closed, you missed your chance people

sunday 10/11/2019

I am also very stupid for not posting that, am I not ? https://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/?id=2062496#home

tuesday 05/11/2019

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I would suggest to also read "Game Modes". ELO has changed; it's now called EFC (still the same as ELO). EFC has 3 rewards system; daily, weekly, and seasonal. Season is now 2 weeks long, so if you place high, you get the best prizes from ELO. Weekly gives you the most Crypto, which crypto is used to buy CR packs in Shop. There are also 6 different ranking levels , Z-Palace is the highest, and that's where you'll get a challenge. I loved roots and paranas back then, I used them (including the old OG cards), and got to Z-Palace easily.
Still a game you can enjoy, but with more rewards for active players.

monday 04/11/2019

Looking for an ACTIVE guild. I'm active on forums and I play t1 tournaments. I've been on UR for a decade now, so I know the game in and out.

monday 28/10/2019

I answered the question on a collectors perspective.

I could also go on about abilities such as:

9 Base Power: #Behemoth
Maximums: Mandrak
+X Pillz per Damage: Grace
+/-X Attack per Life/Pillz left: Scooty/Hans Spinner
Killshot: IronJaw
Cancel Opp. Modifier: Zaria/Shaker/Wilkinson
Day/Night abilities (Changes every 4 Hours in real life): Figaro
Equaliser: Raam
Degrowth: #Ax Battler
Regen: Drak
Dope: Barden
Repair: Wilo Ld
Combust: #Volkan Cr
Brawl: ARN 2000
Reanimate: (It's like Defeat: +X Life, but if your LP is 0, it revives you) Serafina
Rebirth: (Not the Card Rarity, but Nemo Mt's Ability)
Unique Ignis Faetus effect of GhosTown cards at Day/Night (Forgot which one) (Its the blue fire effect in layman's terms)
Exchange: Power/Damage or Power and Damage: Bruno/Miss Calamity/Duchess
Robert Cobb and Bypass
Memento and Remove Ability Conditions
Ashigaru's revised ability: Counter-Strike (You only play second for all 4 rounds as opposed to only starting Round's 1 and 3 playing second)

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