thursday 21/09/2006

You cant SELL until you buy credits.

Remember this is a game to us but a business to Acute an in all honesty they give alot away for free.

Try playing Magic the Gathering online. They force you to buy your first deck before you can even play.

Point of this story: everything can get worse.

Depends on your collection, your play style, and how much real money you have.

If you are after the entire collection, and you have like 25% of it so far, 50 cred pack is good choice for you.

If you are a competitive player and just want certain cards AND you have reall money to waste, 20 cred clintz pack (although in general this pack is useless -- Clintz have to be upped in this pack) is for you -- since you really need to buy your cards on the market.

If you have a somewhat complete collection or you are looking for specific duplicate cards then market AND specific 20 cred Packs are for you.

New Blood is for everyone really, whenever a new card comes out.

There are more best practices to buying packs and any AOD members is more then free to ask me to go into detail -- in our forums.

Come join if oyu play often!!
only english please!!!, post on here if you want to join.

Read the Master's Tip for EVO information.

Please contactMail, not the forum.

wednesday 20/09/2006

Fine all time outs!!!!!!



The US phone number to call for 70 credits has changed today.
In general, check the numbers on the shop before calling as the numbers might change from time to time.


However sakorhms don't have as many elo worthy cards as montanas, the 2 new ones might change that though thus making it come up for being banned

tuesday 19/09/2006

This is a good suggestion. However this is not the right place for it, unless youwant other players to talk about it. If you want the Clint Staff to actually consider it for inclusion into the game you have to email it to them at

I don't think the stars have anything to do with the grading/winning system.

It is not something you can do now, they are workin on that

I like Taco's and talking dogs.

Hey i welcome all of u in my guild that is snake

Higher level characters win more than lower level characters, ive noticed that quite often

theres other factors too like extras you might not be paying attention too

If you have over 25 levels combined on your cards, not ELO

monday 18/09/2006

We adjusted (a little bit) the ELO prizes rules.
Now (starting this week), only ELO players with 1000 and more will get Clintz and (might get) Rare cards.
You should see a slight increase in the Clintz value sunday and in your odds to get a rare card.
(we might adjust again if the Clintz prizes stays too low)

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