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saturday 26/08/2006

All indians , i here by wanted to tell you that being an indian i made a indian guild only for the indian people and so please do help me to run it well by join yaar. Akhir dil hai hindustani !!!!!!!!!

Wow.. thanks Franglesmiley

Sorry for suggesting about the chat room.. my concern is about the efficiency of players in our profile, why do they have to remove it?.. another suggestion please how about the inbox outbox(private msging) next to players avatar(Level, Clintz, credits, etc)smiley

Is there any benifets of a guild?

friday 25/08/2006

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Thats not a secoond account if it's your GF's. Just because you live together doesnt mean that it's a second account.

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Well yep there is a new tournament page dor Urban Rival tournaments.

Answer: no, it won't count as a timeout.

A link to your "own" posts will be coming soon.
We don't have time to post a specific note each time we refuse a message (we refuse around 100 to 200 per days).
Rejection can be:
- multiple posts for the same issue
- post to criticize another player
- issue already debated a few times (randomness, cheating, timeout, unlocking, for example)

Well, it isnt as if the cards buy themselves <_<
Ive seen very few instances where you can... get cards without buying them <_<

thursday 24/08/2006

Really.. having played both.. the Java version of the game is far superior to the Flash version, except for all the damn confirmations. Is it possible to streamline that so it's not always confirming you want to do things.

Also can you fix the message system so that it's more in line with the flash (Ie I don't have to keep erasing Go?, as opposed to sending a stupid message every time)

So as to reduce the time out.
why not to introduce a black list on your oponent, those put in there do not appear in your opponent list and their challenge are automatically rejected.

So you don't loose time to have such a list home.

No comment. DOH! I just commented!

Does anyone know a place where that shows all of the characters of this game and their damage and powers?

I'm looking for one, but don't know which to join. Post please if you know of a good guild.

wednesday 23/08/2006

Otome is a transvestite. Otome is a male.

Oh ok i`ll know now=]

Haha, n/m, just reread the rules. smiley

Modifications on the ELO format and tournament are coming very soon, please read Staff Announcements.

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