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tuesday 22/08/2006

The answers is like 5 topics below and we said many times that this rules is not gonna change anytime soon.

I will like to ask if are any posibilities to make more but shorter turnaments then are now.
I play from Australia and spend 1.5 hour during the day it is more then time consuming. U know what I`m talking about.


monday 21/08/2006

My new guild is called legacy. does anyone want to join. anyone can join.

First one is there already.

Bah! whats a 1000 characters between friends. Smiley is a good idea. smiley

Actually if you have a Paypal account (which by the way UR takes), then you can get your currency converted to Euros. Then you can spend the $2.50 American it costs to get a lifetime ability to sell characters.

Also you can see the formula for the "randomness" factor on one of my previous post. This was provided from the UR staff.

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Slane, most of the answer that you seek are in the Game Rules link on the left.

sunday 20/08/2006

Did anyone else get this message? its in french, and even after being 'translated' in Babelfish, it doesnt make any sense....here's the original message:

Commencement Lundi des le premier
tournois.Topic en ligne Lundi Midi dans Tournois et Evenement.Merci de
transferer ce message a tous les membres de votre Guilde. Merci.

and the 'translated' message

Beginning Monday as of the first tournaments. Topic in
line Monday Midday in Tournaments and Event. Thank you for transferer this
message has all the members of your Guild. Thank you

The sender of the message was some person called L-Grodargakk, does anyone know what the message means? possibly some special tournament?

saturday 19/08/2006

So how much i need to wait? my friend created guild in 1 hour and i already wait for 2 days=[

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You need to meet the following criteria...

1. reach level 20
2. you need to use a deck that doesnt have over 25 in the sum of your deck's levels. for example, you can use 3 lvl 5 cards, and 5 lvl 2 cards, thats 8 cards and a sum of 25, its playable. any higher than 25 and its not qualified as a ELO deck.
3. also, your deck must not contain the following cards, DJ Korr, General, or Kiki.

hope that clears things up smiley

If you look at the description of the cards then it will show what they do...

Go to the game's rules page and browse through there, you'll find all the information you need there.

You go to Player's Guilds then select a group. Try joining Mad Alchemist of DarkHavoc guild.

Yeah!! even in the PHILIPPINES... can't we just can use long distance call using other countries to be able to buy some credits?[i'm such a moron] smiley

friday 18/08/2006

Thanx for the sacreficed efforts. It worked indeed after a few minutes smiley

Sorry if it's not clear (we will correct that)
But Leader can show up in any type of pack (except the 1000 clintz, of course smiley)

thursday 17/08/2006

The inscrease / decrease are determined according to the levels of both player, the higher your opponent is, the more point you get for a win, and the lower he/she is, the lesser you get for a defeat. About the Battle Points, you will still earn them in ELO, but they won't be shown on the recap a the end of the fight.

Good luck for the ELO

Talked to Clint Staff and got official random formula. This will be in the FAQ pages on the Urban Rivals Yahoo Group Blog, but just for posperity I will post it here:

Normal Mode:
Take the resulting attack of both characters (incl. everything) below is pseudocode:

var roundResult = random(0,sum(attack1 attack2));

if ( roundResult < attack1 ) perso1Win;
else perso2Win;

ELO Mode:
Take the resulting attack of both characters (incl. everything) below is pseudocode as well:

// Extra part: decrease effect of randomness in ELO (more strategic gameplay)
if (attack1 > attack2) attack1 = attack1 * 2;
else if ( attack2 > attack1 ) attack2 = attack2 * 2;

var roundResult = random(0,sum(attack1 attack2));

if ( roundResult < attack1 ) character1Win;
else character2Win;

In both case, we handle "post round" abilities like drain, and we adjust the player's properties.

You accept them in the guild area.

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