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monday 14/08/2006

I'm all for that, but if they are going to create a monetary system they have to abide by best practices. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economics

P.S. If Fraggle says thats all to it then thats it. {blind obedience is good ... LOL}

You can set up a paypal account and do wired money transfert between your bank account and paypal.
I'm sorry if we don't have all countries open up for text and phone. We are working with our partner to open more

If people who got timed out on got points then you could still get poeple cheating by using that, just play against 10 friends and have them all time out on you/ surrender

FYI EL-Ehrairah, it's rare to win 14 matches in a row. Believe me it can be done 'coz I did it without any clan help 'coz I won that tourney when I have'nt any clan yet. And yes, I do that everyday and I think most of the player on the top, thank you.

Try playing the EVO mode to level up your cards. Basically, the first player on the turn puts 6 pillz on his character he wants to level up, then the second player puts no pillz. On the next turn, it's the other players turn to put 6 pillz on his character and so on. You can check out the EVO way of at the Master's Tips page. It's a good way of leveling up your leveling your cards.

sunday 13/08/2006

Yes. I've run into this before and sent an Email to Fraggle about it. To prevent cheating, you're allowed to challenge someone 5 times in an hour during non tournament, and 3 times per hour during tournaments.

I just started the game at 'Novice' last night, and this morning it says I'm a 'Senior'...I was wondering if anyone had, or knew, the list of 'names' that go with the levels. Thanks...

Looking for a good guild that can help me learn and grow, where I can do the same for newer players as I learn myself in the future...

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A level 1 version of a card that can go up to level 3 counts for one star.

Right now guilds server as an umbrella team that you can fall back on. With a good guild you can trade, buy, sell a heavy charecter that would be 20000 clintz in the market but 50 clintz between you and your guild memeber.

This depends on the strength of the guild and of the guild player abilities and stores (dupes).

you get the idea.

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It means they wanna do evolution matches rather than competetive, check bottom left of screen where it says master's tips.

I'd be extremely happy about this. I wish I had seen it sooner.

Is it woth it to join a guild what are the advantages ???

saturday 12/08/2006

You get more Clintz by battling. The more battles you play the more CLintz you will win. You can also buy Clintz from the Shop by buying credits then spending ten credits to buy Clintz.

Well I have very few friends and none of them are rich so...

The prices for ELO this month as Fraggle have posted are:
1 : Kiki - Armanda - Ndololo
2 - 5 : General - Lyse Teria
6 - 10 : Berserkgirl
11 - 25 : 1 random rare

Well does thier life depends on it this is just a game. Does it really matter if you win or lose?

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