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tuesday 01/08/2006

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More or less the same number of battle points as you.


As a staff member I can guarrantee you that the price are real, it works and everything else smiley
Paying for your first credits at the shop will unlock the public/private sell feature so you will be able to trades your cards on the market (in
addition to buying on the market wich is available right from the start), you will also enable stars next to your nickname for 31 days.

monday 31/07/2006

Yup you don't win any cards but some clintz use to buy cards in the market

When you buy a pack what you get is picked at random based on what pack you get.

sunday 30/07/2006

Chellange me

My names are : Bunny_Love / And Sexy_DeeDee / on Urban Rivals

I'll, accept / unless I, need to go to bed

Hey People come and join me,you can talk all you want in ingles and espanol

You're in the right place, Kolinko! What kind of help do you need? Several of us board-users can help, or feel free to send me a message if you need anything!

O i thought u chose to turn elo. ic thanks dude

saturday 29/07/2006

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Hi, lol, cant u think of anything else to talk, not just crap? xD

So the players who show up on the tourney list are the top 50%?

Thanks again.

And the sign '%' whats the meaning of it??
Thank you!!

Annybody wil by trade candy ....
wie wil candy nog wat ruilen

The selling of card in public or private is available only after a purchase of credits (as a mean to stop multi accounts abuse).
See Game Help on the left side. Buying cards from other players and everything else is available immediatly.

I am tryin to start a guild but i dont know how to get someone into the guild and they don't know how either can anyone help me plz.
P.S. i have the guild made its just getting members in the guild.

Man it really is p***ing me off tho with the time outs...its stupid and the people that do it are even more stupid...just because they know they are going to lose they still shouldnt be cheap!i think the main administrator should look into this!

Will there always be new cards coming out. if so, how long does it take for new cards to come?

friday 28/07/2006

Do you have flash installed and updated? (is the most likly sounding issue)

second would be what browzer are you using? Make sure to check your security settings and see if your blocking cookies or images and what not

Last thing I can come up with would be are you playing at home, or are you at work or somewhere else that would be behind a firewall blocking the sight?

Last answer/question in the game help, just on the left smiley

Please tell me how other than them postulating

How do u make part of your guild name become part of the members in your guilds names.

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