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monday 19/06/2006

Waiting out a fight like Orlolro does is especially annoying during tournaments. If like me you can sometimes only be on for an hour of a tournament and you want to leave yourself in a strong position to be in the top 50% for a credit. Then you try to fit in as many games as possible. It's happened to me a few times when I have been just top 50% but also once when I was pushing for a top 3 finish with fifteen minutes to go(pre new tourney rules). I ended up shouting at my monitor and cursing my opponent (literaly with bones and the blood of a young dear!). Razorborne makes a good point about slower connections. I say leave the time limit as it is.

Hugo gives each member of your team 6 attack, hence the abbreviation
6 team attack. similarly, timber gives each one 1 damage, aka 1 team
damage. Team means "Affects all your guys". Most leaders have team
abilities (the three exceptions I can think of are Bridget, Morphun, and

That's only if you get in the top half, and besides, even if you're on 24-7,
it'll still take 4 days, unlike donating a trivial amount of money, which
takes, say, a minute at most.

sunday 18/06/2006

We will have a "fan sites" section soon with links to externals fan sites.
(like viva's one) smiley

Everything will go faster as soon as we will have finished the Flash version
of the game.

saturday 17/06/2006

I don't think that's what he means. If I interpret correctly, he's asking for a
way to sort directly by cost, that is, which character costs the least. BTW,
that works for all filters except level: It shows only the cheapest instance
of a character, and for level it shows the cheapest at each level.

thursday 15/06/2006

wednesday 14/06/2006

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If a message comes up that says something insulting like "sucks to be you" that would be my brother. One day he was on as me and he typed this.

Personaly, I like a mix of stratigie and luck. There is always a chance of winning. When I was a novice I won against an elo ranked player.

monday 12/06/2006

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Ty Fraggle smiley

There is a new tournament time for our friends oversea!
Take a look at "Staff announcement" smiley

sunday 11/06/2006

We are working on a new version of the game client in flash.. we just need
a little more time. smiley

saturday 10/06/2006

Could you try the sony ericsson K500 version?
The display might be centered in the screen but it should works.
Let me know smiley

friday 09/06/2006

Sounds cool. (back from vacation and readingup on old post).

Lol i'm just saying
Zodiack, DJ Korr is like so awesome but
take No Nam for example
or so many characters i wanted them to look cool like
Narendra and Ratanah (make em cool) they're a pair for crying out loud
i cud understand the seq of chars like Zlatar or Zatman.. i mean from rich to filthy rich. and rich and old goes hand in hand. No problem
what do you think asik

thursday 08/06/2006

You were in the first half of players in the tournament!If you are in the first half you always get one free credit.

wednesday 07/06/2006

Play hard and earn a lots of battle points smiley

Thanks. Helped a lot.

tuesday 06/06/2006

There have been a few cases with the moogle mafia where people have wanted to join and when i go to sign them up there is no link for me to do so.

Ok thx a lot

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