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friday 14/07/2006

Why not have a Vote area and give (X) amount of Clintz per vote? Or at the end of the week or month take the votes and have a random drawing for (X) amount of cards.

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You might want to read the game rules. Just a thought though.

thursday 13/07/2006

Ah thanks, good to know on both accounts. I appreciate you taking the times to answer my questions.

Thanks for the explanations smiley

Power is increased if you are the attacker (check out game's rules on the left, you got the complete powers descriptions)

wednesday 12/07/2006

Ok can ihave some cards

Can i plz have some cards

You get clintz when you finish on the top half of a tournament.

My last message was not posted. As I have said, game rules does not say that the star will expire. It only says and I quote "During the following 31 days after you purchase credits at the Shop, stars will appear next to you nickname and you'll receive your first one star" and "Then, for each of the following objectives, you will earn a star:

1000 fights
2500 victories
win a tournament in the last 7 days
95% of the complete collection"
It does not state anywhere that the star will expire after 31 days. Please clarify this Fraggle. Thanks.

tuesday 11/07/2006

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Why is the site running slow

I would have to agree. It's happened several times to me now.

Maybe you could increase the timeout limit to say 10 minutes but then count whoever timed out as the loser? That would give people plenty of time to get back into the match if they crash.

At least, hide your presence if you don't play.

monday 10/07/2006

Yeah. I like the idea of an icon showing who has traditionally been using the timeout technique.

ROFL - If you notice it's basically a 50% time of you winning and thats because lost hog at max comes up in your deck , you juice his pills and add rage. I dont think single card match wins should really count in the stats but lucky for you they do. Hoe's your evo scores going?

sunday 09/07/2006

Easiest risk management solution here is to take the penalty off the give up. That will stop people from wasting our time. They are going to time out either way -- just give the ability and reasoning to give up rather than timeout.

Also fine no penalty for time out but make a public record in that persons profile of how many times they have timed out. Maybe highlight their name in red if it is an unusally high rate like online games do for players with a low ping. It lets others know that maybe this person will timeout on you --puposely or not purposely.

saturday 08/07/2006

I have experienced the same thing at least 2 times tonight if not 5! it is the higher players doing it when they try a lower placed person like myself (senior level 7) and they don't win 1st round outright they just close the window or let it time out, and it isn't because they are mobile as they make their first choices fast enough!

Why Akiko is so expensive?

I didn't make this account, my brother did and I'd like to know how to delete it, I haven't activated it yet.

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