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thursday 25/05/2006

Your characters have 2 basic stats, Power and Damage. Attack is equal to power * Pillz and represent the amount of chance your character has to beat its opponent. If you have a character with power =3 and you spend 3 pillz on it, its attack will be 9 (3*3) if its opponent has an attack of 5, your guy has 9 chances out of 14 (9 5) to win vs. 5 out of 14 for the other one. Some bonus increase your power of reduces the opponent ones, and other modify attack. Both are nice and allow different things. Power bonus are cool but you need to use pillz, attack bonus allow you to have decent chances to win wihtout having to spend much pillz. I Hope you find this usefull

ENjoy the game

tuesday 23/05/2006

Not automatically, as daisuke said, you need:
- to be level 20 (or more)
- a deck compliant with elo

I strongly suggest you take look at the game rules, then ELO system
(somewhere on the left side of this message smiley)

sunday 21/05/2006

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Please take a look at:

Last question of the page.

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Check out the subject "trading cards".

thursday 18/05/2006

Sure smiley
When you are in your collection, click on any character you want to sell
privatly, go to "buy/sell" icon, sell, then set a price and select "private",
you will be able to put your friend nickname to put the card on sale
just for him.
Many players set up trades this way.
Note that to prevent abuse of the system, you'll be able to sell on the
market or privatly only after you made your first purchase at the shop
(then it's unlocked forever).
You can learn more about this in the "Game Help" page (link is at the
bottom of the left menu).
Don't forget to sponsor your friends to the game as you will get free
credits everytime they buy some! (see "invite your friends"smiley

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This is an online trading card game. A good place to start would be your collection, take look at your free cards, and after that, click on the "Play Now" button on the left of the screen, from there you'll be able to challenge other players or get challenger by other player and get into the game.


wednesday 17/05/2006

Fixed, sorry about that.

We had an issue when paypal was used, but this is now fixed smiley

Sorry about that.

wednesday 03/05/2006

Sure! (hello Herro)

You need to set up your imode email on your account. (on the imode site)
Then you just request your password on the website and it will be created and emailed to your phone.

friday 14/04/2006

This pack is now available at "The Shop".

wednesday 12/04/2006

Does someone know him?
If you read me, I would like to thank you for all the matches we had made. I could stay very long time, but I had to dinner with my parents. It's always a pleasure to play with you!

tuesday 11/04/2006

Hi again,

Soon we will redesign completly the star system (next to the player
nickname in the game online player's list). We will give the details later
but you will get you first star right now if you have purchased some
credits at the Shop in the last 31 days.

A new ranking/tournament system will be introduce as well very soon.
Open to level 20 players, you will need to have your deck "valid" to
play (valid will mean : no doubles and specific cards will be forbidden).
If you fit thoses criteria, you will see a little "pillz" next to your name in
the online players list.
If you challenge someone else with a little "pillz" icon, the fight result
will count for the new ranking system.
It is based on the same ELO rating as in chess, so you will earn more
points by defeating some higher rank than you (and lose less if you
lose the fight).
This ranking will so be dynamic and only the bests will be able to show
the world their talents smiley

thursday 06/04/2006

Me, but in the evening only. Come on, I wait for you!

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