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monday 23/04/2018

I'll text him Bagadur

saturday 21/04/2018

smiley smiley
Very nice. Really like how you gave Pascal an accent. (Though which one, I honestly have no idea... French or Italian possibly? I know its a Romance language...)
This is (oddly) the right forum section for fics. Though I'm 90% sure no one would care/notice if you placed this under general... smiley

thursday 19/04/2018

For the longest time I've had applications turned off, but once again EiW is accepting new members! As I'm decently inactive with the game atm, admin Larry1311 will be the de facto leader of the guild, and who you should primarily contact if you have any questions.

Other than that, come on in! There's no qualifications and everything is kind of easy going, and as such this is probably not a place for you if you're a hardcore veteran or otherwise overly competitive player, but if you enjoy the game and would like a place to crash and maybe have some friendly discussions about builds or help with legendary missions or whatever, then this is the place for you.

sunday 15/04/2018

Thank you f.yan. Welcome Seen! There's a place for all of us, I'm happy ViE found you!smiley

sunday 08/04/2018

Come joins us smiley

tuesday 03/04/2018

Our guild is new and growing. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. As we expand we already have members who score well. The top is where we aim for together.

monday 26/03/2018

friday 23/03/2018

I entered first guild that invited me.

thursday 22/03/2018

Hey guys,

I've been player this game for many years now, and I joined my previous guild probably 5 or more years ago. Today, none of the members other than me are active so I finally decided to leave it and now I'm looking for a new guild.

A bit about myself in UR-
I was ranked in the top 100 of EFC last season
I have the 69th best survivor T1 score of all time (gotta love that number)
I'm online pretty much everyday and love to have civil chats with other players.

There are really only 3 things I'm looking for when joining a guild.

1. Other active players
2. Players with a good attitude who aren't passive aggressive or out right toxic (Seems like UR doesn't have many toxic players anymore which is nice)
3. A guild bank. While I've been playing the game for many years, I haven't pumped much money into it so I lack the bank that other players may have. Furthermore, most of my Clintz is usually tied up in investments on big lots of cards, as such, I would like to join a guild with a large guild bank so I can borrow more expensive cards that I may need for events (Like the Community Cup En Qualifier that I'm currently a part of)
Also I'm not 100% sure how a guild bank works, so if I'm understanding this wrongly, please let me know.

Thanks guys!

saturday 17/03/2018

wednesday 14/03/2018

Best of luck! (y)

monday 05/03/2018

Join here guys!

friday 02/03/2018

We still want new guild members! PM for invites.

tuesday 27/02/2018

monday 19/02/2018

Been out of the game awhile (years). Trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing. Don't know how to see when I created my account or my last game played. Any advice would be great. Thanks.

saturday 17/02/2018

We are the only guild to feature in clint city news! So you can see your choices, best of luck, i invite you to MOB

thursday 15/02/2018

Come through everyone I can see your wishes becoming true in a guild looking for you

monday 05/02/2018

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Been a long long time since ive played this game
anyone play Legend Of The Cryptids mobile phone game msg me If ya do thanks

tuesday 30/01/2018

Im a cool guy talk to me daddy

thursday 25/01/2018

This is our bank system to defeat them. I know you will most likely not like it but the "business men" of this game have ruined the economy and this they can hold on to it with terrible market analysis and idiotic price negotiation. The card price is meant for the value of the card in the current meta. If youre losing in the newer meta its because you cant get good cards without paying real money. People want to take your money and possibly offer you their cards for real cash. Lol
Use my bank if youre new and want to enjoy the game. Im a real business man with honest goals for the game.

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