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sunday 04/08/2019

saturday 27/07/2019

Welcome back, buddy!

friday 26/07/2019

Trying to collect active players. Seems hard to find a clan that's active these days. Might as well make our own.

tuesday 23/07/2019

I know what you mean I come on off and on in bursts. There are so many new firsts that aren't just stronger cards.
Like, what you mentioned Lds are now subjected to rebalancing
now we know a card that has a noel or miss variant can still go cr thanks to both Oon cr and Lulabee cr / lizbeth cr
All the cards that get retired and come back and even join other clans unlike berserker girl / kiki reprints
*Cough* introduction of the rb system then it's removal for reasons like it was creating pseudo crs

Currently the new thing if you hadn't notice is the rebalancing/buffing of older cards like how the Lds get changed, however unlike the Ld changes this is only done to weak cards no nerfing strong cards like what they did to bonnie LD.
At the moment the changes are temporary and will receive feedback from the community.
Personally I like the idea some of the old cards are cool, but are so unusable. However in the first test the buffed cards were buffed too much IMO

sunday 21/07/2019

Hi I am a new players I started playing yesterday, I’ve tried this game and I’m super enjoying it, the only thing to do now is find a clan and that’s why I’m posting this, I’m looking to play more competitive, I am also going to be on daily.

So any active clans looking for a new player then feel free to message me thanks.

wednesday 17/07/2019

First of all welcome back, Indominus. I'm a returning player as well, although this time around I decided to be ambitious and start a guild of my own. I know this may not be for everyone, but I am recruiting Admins willing to actively communicate with other players, and even recruit new players that catch their attention. Any questions you have are of course welcome, guild related or otherwise, good luck in the new world!

saturday 13/07/2019

monday 08/07/2019

Welcome back to the UR.

You can join us in TCA! The message boards are a bit slow during the summer but our bank is active, which is always helpful smiley

thursday 04/07/2019

monday 10/06/2019

Note: Added the Guild Link on the main post as well.

To link any guild, just write "guild: (id number of the guild without space, which in this case is 2062156)
It should look like this: guild:2062156, you can also click on it.

Note: I believe a Guild must have at least 4 members (3 Novices and 1 Founder at minimum to stay intact)

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr monday 10/06/2019, 16:42

saturday 08/06/2019

friday 07/06/2019

May I join with being active of 20 games a week? smiley

But wait... that still seems alot for me ...

Hey everyone lots of familiar faces! And YT? Awesome whats the channel and ill drop it a sub smiley and hell yeah rowdy hes an awesome card smiley

thursday 30/05/2019

Now accepting levels 500 and up!

monday 27/05/2019

If you still looking for a graphic designer maybe i can help a little smiley

sunday 26/05/2019

thursday 09/05/2019

Good luck Smokey! Can't wait to see your stuffs! smileysmileysmiley

saturday 04/05/2019

If you look at one point, that's what you only see. Yes there are a lot of "easter egg" cards but there's hella lot more of original or "own" cards. Also, lot of games do easter egg characters. UR isn't unique at that point.

sunday 28/04/2019

Thank you so much everyone ;3

friday 26/04/2019

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Hello guys, how are you doing, is anyone from the old guild still active ?

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