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sunday 03/03/2013

saturday 02/03/2013

Hello everyone!
I'm just here to recruit you to Elite-rivalz. This is only just a new group so I will accept and first 5 people who joins gets to be admins.
The more people,the more fun!
If we can get enough members there will we help you increase your collection size or get you some clints.
Well check us out and I appreciate you spending your time reading this.
See ya there and goodbye!


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friday 01/03/2013

thursday 28/02/2013


Good luck!

wednesday 27/02/2013

Here are the rules for an “user-friendly” Introductions and Recruitment forum :
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[RECR] = Recruitment
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tuesday 26/02/2013

Nobody will be rejected

monday 25/02/2013

sunday 24/02/2013

Requierements removed, no more requierements! Apply quickly:

My guild has only just been validated so if you could plaese join to make sure they dont delete.
The first four to join could become administrators if your level is good. smileysmileysmiley

The Depth

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saturday 23/02/2013

Night school, where 3/8ths of the guild isn't outright bannable.


This is our current rank, updated regularly.

As of now we are only 13th. Help us get to 1st.

You will be welcomed regardless of level or past experience.

You can join today.

friday 22/02/2013

Nice 4 accs b&

Your guild already has a recruitment thread, please use it


thursday 21/02/2013

This guild is pretty much new u will get the usual benefits here is the link. Click on it if ur intersted to join:


How do i join
and oin my one as well

Please can you join my guild and i will join yours too

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