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saturday 10/11/2012


friday 09/11/2012

Apologies for the yeah boyyyyeeee, its a quote from Shaun of the dead smiley

wednesday 07/11/2012

Cmon peoples we have cookies smiley

monday 05/11/2012


sunday 04/11/2012

saturday 03/11/2012

If you'd like to join The Pro Ghosts , we'd be glad to have you. We've got plenty of friendly and nice players, old and new, who I'm sure you'll be able to make friends with. We have a VERY active message board, which includes a trade section and various posts where you can talk about things that interest you (manga, anime, sports, etc.), and you're always welcome to create a new post, as long as it is appropriate. We don't have many strict rules, so you can play as much as you please, without anyone constantly pushing you to play more often.

Hope to see you soon! smiley

friday 02/11/2012

thursday 01/11/2012

Come on, how does nobody want a fanfic guild???

Company Of Brothers search new, active Players
when you are interessted write to me or apply

tuesday 30/10/2012

An example of how active I become when I am on, http://www.urban-rivals.com/game/rankings/?show=day&country=us. Ranked currently in the top 25 of the US daily Ranking!

Are you looking for a guild? Well boy do I have the Guild for you http://www.urban-rivals.com/guilds/guild/?id:1846976. Whats in it for me you might be asking your self... Well heres the deal the first three new members wiill automaticaly be promoted to Admin. And once we get enough members then we will begin to have tournaments.

monday 29/10/2012

Hello there!

my name is w0lf021, I was active about a year ago. i aquired alot of characters and played for awhile. but I lost my ipod around that time and have now recieved a new one so thus i started back up. (totally forgot i could play online)
I have a pure sakrohm deck and i'm level 14.

Here are my personal info:
I'm 20 years old.
I am always available to play

I am looking for a guild to join.
If you need to get ahold of me the easiest way is to text me so message me and you can have my ipod number.

that's all for now.

Are you interested in a guild? It could help you to get more experience and better cards

Hello, My name is Zahinahana and I have created a new guild called 'Secret assignment'. It is a guild for mono deck users. Everyone is welcome if you stick to the rules mentioned above (if you don't have a mono deck, earn clintz and try to build one by buying cards from the market ) If you want to join, please go to the following link:

sunday 28/10/2012

Everyone please apply.smiley

saturday 27/10/2012

Guild Link:
PunK RockRzzz

Guild Description :
PunK RockRzzz is a group of strangers united for a common purpose: To have some pretty awesome virtual fun. Our faction may not be the best, but we like it. Sometimes we lose, and sometimes we lose a lot, but WE DON’T CARE! What we do care about is having a whole hell of a lot of fun playing a game. An AWESOME game. So,
Let The Game Begin!!!!!!!

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