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sunday 21/10/2018

We got one of the best banks
Active forums
And good game players along with people who discuss the lore,art etc of the game,even missions guys.

We want you to be mildly active,if not in gameplay atleast on forums either one.

wednesday 17/10/2018

We now have our guild bank unlocked. Come and get cards like Valhala, schizai, rage and comanche temporarily in your collection with the guild bank! Don't want cards temporarily? You can earn them via guild challenges!

sunday 23/09/2018

A big up for 'ya smiley

friday 21/09/2018

@Dr_Sigmund thank you! smiley

thursday 20/09/2018

Hi I am a new active player Lv12 (When I posted this lol) I am looking to join an active guild.


monday 17/09/2018

2 messages

Join OC best guild in UR

friday 14/09/2018

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Look no further than Open Casket smiley

We have an active community in the game, forums and a Discord chat, frequent events, a fully automated Guild Bank, and many other sweet goodies! smiley

sunday 09/09/2018

friday 07/09/2018

Ohh ffs wrong place sorry

monday 03/09/2018

Come to the Knights! We are ran by old members who made a comeback!

sunday 26/08/2018

Hi guys im returning to game again, getting more and more active each day. i like playing survivor smiley im fairly quiet and prefer to sit back in the shadows smiley

saturday 25/08/2018

Thanks guys really appreciate itsmiley

friday 17/08/2018

We live to serve our fair queen smiley

Aaaawwww thanks guyssmileysmileysmileysmiley

sunday 12/08/2018

Note: Thread Closed. Best of luck for XC`s next campaign.

friday 10/08/2018

Let others know why they should join your guild. Make sure to sell yourself smileysmiley

wednesday 01/08/2018

Awesome! Glad to have you onboard stevil smiley

monday 30/07/2018

Hello! Welcome back! I also recently got back to the game, and started a guild with a couple others like us, called The Royal Knights! We are smaller but very active overall. We would love to have you. smiley

sunday 08/07/2018

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