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sunday 07/06/2020


offline theKFCguy - Saturday 11/04, 23:10
Imperator - Great White North

Just bring back the -20 points for leaving/disconnecting or make it that cards who have not battled are given extra points. Why should the player be rewarded for leaving because they got out played?"

Exactly, can't put it in a better way.

wednesday 01/04/2020

Maybe is really random and you where just lucky!

saturday 14/03/2020

I actually completely understand that view, but I just don't switch them out when they level up. And #XU-Bot won't level up to 4* in a single tournament, so I don't have to worry about him. Other than that the rest can stay, as even if all of them level up once I'm still under 20* total.

sunday 01/03/2020

wednesday 05/02/2020

Well i was looking to run a hive or junta deck for dt or efc i might try dominon and riot a go

saturday 25/01/2020


Used to grind out Lady Ametia. Read the preset's description for further comment on the deck.

tuesday 21/01/2020

It's boring, and probably not what you want, but playing the market is probably the fastest way to get a full collection. However, the skills required to play the market would be better used for more productive stuff like trading stocks or cryptocurrency, so...

friday 03/01/2020

Wow an actual reason why that would be a bad idea instead of someone repeating the same thing again, thanks sylneiros, but I do wonder if there even are that many new players nowadays, if there is though that would be a good reason not to make the change.

saturday 28/12/2019

Thanks for explaining it to me !
well ,i only use Berzerk for now cause i don't have any strong cards for any other clans but i own the whole berzerk clan even the LD / CR cards
so any thoughts about what i should build / a working strat ? i would hear from ya smiley

thursday 12/12/2019

I would say Hive Dominion Ghiest are the common clans, but some people use Robert Cobb rainbow deck (9 Big 5* + Robert Cobb)

thursday 07/11/2019

I'm a Montana for T1 and Tourneys.
Can anyone give feed back on my deck?

Avola, Dr. Elisa, Iris Morana, Figaro, Icaro, Ottavia, Carmine, Waller

I've been pretty successful with this deck in tourneys. Ranking usually 20th and higher. But I'm having troubles in EFC when I reach Danger zone or EFC tower.

In my opinion, I think is mainly because of all the SOA deck in that bracket. My deck mainly uses Dr.Elisa, waller and Icaro to bluff and at the same time chip out some hp for Avola/Iris morana to dish out the winning blows. But against an SOA deck that doesn't work and I have to use different means of winning and its really hard for me (I don't know why).

BUT my opinion could be wrong. Can you guys give me a hint if I should change to a half deck? Or completely stray away from montana on EFC in higher bracket? If so, any suggested clan/decks?

wednesday 06/11/2019

Apologies if I hadn’t gotten back to you via PM. I overall agree with what Hutson has to say.

I do agree with Hutson in the event that Djanghost Ld is a must have card for Night decks because of his power reducer.

Tannen works for T2 because of the Backlash not working on Pillz.

I don’t recommend Consuelo at Night because +1 Life per Damage won’t help you win much rounds. You need round winners at Tourney.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr wednesday 06/11/2019, 05:47

saturday 28/09/2019

It also depends on the hour too.

These days (including myself) I notice it can sometimes be hard to find the time to play a Tourney, hence the lower than 100 players sometimes.

I see Piranas heavy hours, Bangers heavy hours. Raptors heavy hours, Uppers heavy hours sometimes. It’s tough sometimes.

edited by Rowdy MOB Cr saturday 28/09/2019, 06:02

thursday 05/09/2019

Fang Pi Clang is not in a very good position right now, but Pa Mei is one hell of a card for damage.

thursday 08/08/2019

I think you should know that Lindsey is a 4 Star card. Check her stats out if you`re interested.

8/5 Revenge -2 Opp. Power and Damage 2, Min 2.
Just my only concern is if this might cause her ban in Tourney though. smileysmiley

thursday 01/08/2019

Tnx I just remember for some reason that it was every hour whatever ! TNX again!

tuesday 16/07/2019

And Marjory.

It clearly says that it only protects against negatives abilities which can hurt you.
Cancel is much better than Protection btw

sunday 14/07/2019

Regarding Tourney Bans. Hard to tell as the pattern is less clear. I might suggest waiting monthly for these lists.

EFC on the other hand does weekly. There will be a reintroduction of the voting system for Z Palace players.

saturday 15/06/2019

saturday 08/06/2019

@ DUC-Elias : I notice that as well. Your matching will depend on the available players at the time you finish your match (at that exact moment), this issue never was a big problem before when it had a huge player base in '06-'08. The trick here is to have 2 decks which you can switch around during the tournament; by using multiple web browser to quickly set your deck before your match ends. You can have a mono-Raptors deck, while the other can be an attack manipulation deck. smiley

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