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saturday 04/04/2015

I forgot about Shayna smiley BYUN ALL YOUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED smiley

Freaks imo are the funniest clan to play and have been my favourite since I joined. When I run Freaks, I tend to run low star halves like JO3SHMO said because all they're in my deck for is to get that poison in. I like going for either 4,3,2,2 or 5,3,2,2 as Hindela is a beast of a card and hard to look past imo. Shazam and Bertha are fairly staple for me whenever I make a half and for my 3* choice, it's either Quisachio or Akendram (still experimenting with Bikini Joe Ld). It's not worth using Liona over Akendram imo, save a star. It's only 4 attack manip and 1 damage.

As for which clan to play them with, go with PC or Sakrohm. PC have everything you need to compliment a Freaks half. Diana, Nabrissa, Mina, Lucy heck, even Leela wouldn't be bad. Sakrohm only have cards like Jautya and Aliester but it comes down to preference I guess. smiley

friday 03/04/2015

Post number 6 is the best tip anyone can give you for DT.

Also don't use penalised cards and use 26-29* in T2 DT

thursday 02/04/2015

It's gone they should bring that back tho

Tremorh shouldn't get a penalty. He isn't OP but is just overused because of the other cards

Gil and rowdy on the other are too good. If i didn't use junkz for dt i would say penalise them.

wednesday 01/04/2015

tuesday 31/03/2015

I see Robb Cr more often.

Not the best two clans for T1 DT. Both Fang Pi and Ulu Watu are T2 clans. And I don't use either. So I can't really help you, sorry.


Uranus user deserves it imo xd

thursday 19/03/2015

Previous versions of the app would try and load your move for 10-15 seconds before trying to "reconnect". So if you're playing in a DT you had very minimal time to make a move, then you had to hope the move went through. Or you had 5 seconds left in the round but when you threw your card out it said you timed out. The app used to be horrible - the reliability of it has improved a lot.

If you want to punish people for having a poor connection then you'll see the game dwindle in popularity. Losing 20 XP is enough punishment - it's an even bigger punishment when you've won the match, but lose because it timed out - and an even bigger punishment when it happens in DTs.

Maybe UR needs to change the way DTs are run if people are rushing matches to max out points rather than playing matches to win - having someone time out or leave a match on you shouldn't result in frustration, the fact that it does is a problem.

I get DT hands out decent prizes, but do people really play in a rushed manner for an hour because they enjoy it or because they want the prizes?

Hmm good idea, but the people who saw this might guess that, so idea ruined. If we ever get no one but the people of the same speed, we can look back to this.

wednesday 18/03/2015

Yeah, you're right. They've always been crazy.

tuesday 17/03/2015

I kinda suck at DT, but a 16* mono La Junta deck got me 16th place in a Tourney.

friday 13/03/2015

Thormund > Toliver

Arnie > Naginata

Wyre > Trish

Scooty > Sabia

Brianna/Gatline (depending on which you prefer) > Ray

A Tip: When you know that you will lose the match,try to win 1-2 rounds with your low stars so you get some points! And also,play as FAST as you possible can,don't waste time!

Good Luck! smiley

saturday 07/03/2015

I got 13th w/ 288pts with the updated decksmiley

friday 06/03/2015

hot 101 messages

No, I was referring to Zion's comment where he wanted additional cards penalized on a monthly basis. If DT bans are updated as frequently as Elo ones I'd have no problem.

saturday 28/02/2015

"The general strategy is low or no pill round 1. "

Wow, this is so original. I doubt somebody uses this tactic in ELO.

thursday 26/02/2015

Never had much luck with split decks in DT. I have a nice junkz/AS deck but it's more fun than actually good, lol. And yeah, Sentinel are definitely good. Earl is the best newblood in quite a while if you ask me.

wednesday 25/02/2015

If you play T2 you have to EXPECT 40* decks because it's legal. I don't know why people complain about it when it's allowed. Sure, it sucks coming up against it with your 26-30* deck but you just have to deal with that. T2 players should know what they're in for. You just have to deal with that.

monday 23/02/2015

Yeah, the damage is pretty bad. She looks a lot like Belgosi, one more star for different bonus. That 5 damage is really bad for a 5*, and she dies to all stops.

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