sunday 08/02/2015

Or you could not play piranas

monday 02/02/2015

@PA_SOLO ehm just too much of LJ and Rescue in T1.

@Zack-tca got really pissed at that time tbh kinda had to rage to feel good.Havent made top10 in a big while thats why im fed up smileysmiley

thursday 29/01/2015

- points is far better than a ban imho

no need to skew dts even further towards the 15 or so serious players per dt

thursday 22/01/2015

Bryan, Isatis, Brianna, Trish, Iguana Samson, Milena, Scooty, Thormund
The above is the deck I used before and it is quite solid unless versus SOA clans and draw Isatis and Trish at the same time.

Pilzken, Isatis, Wyre, Trish, Iguana Samson, Milena, Scooty, Thormund
I am using this now and I really love the pure strength of Pilzken, but again when Isatis and Trish are drawn together, this deck is vulnerable to SOAs.

Isatis can be changed to Brianna if you want solidness against SOA, but you will lose the huge terror to opponents when you take this card out.

Basically Thormund, Scooty and Milena are staple. SOA can be chosen from Wyre or Bryan. Trish and Isatis are vulnerable to SOAs, Arnie's ability allows pull-pill KO attempt while gaining pills back if failed but the damage is outshined by other high-stared cards, Pilzken is definitely a game-changer but it's a bulky 5*, Iguana Samson can be a counter-SOA tactically, Brianna has high base stats which makes her solid against all clans

wednesday 14/01/2015

Ah didn't know. Heh. My other histories are gone. I had one where I did terrible and then the next hour did amazingly well. That one people were taking way too long to let me use the lose fast trick. Even when I was deliberately trying to lose fast they woukd extend it to qll four rounds and wait. God it was annoying.

sunday 04/01/2015

Should of closed this because I bought the cards and it's going well, but guys, it says under 100k

saturday 03/01/2015

It looks like I'm losing points each round? can anyone explain why that is?

thursday 01/01/2015

Click the last thing on the top of the screen, top right corner. Then click the one that looks like a poker chip. Then you will be where the wheel is.

In fact, let me quote OP in the preset thread: "It's true I know Pussycats aren't the greatest in DT. It was more of a self challenge. Just satisfied of the results."

I'm not even sure they do good WITH Shann, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion. I mean what cards do they have that are actually... y'know... awesome against most anything? Shann (who can at least out power most SoA,) Beeboy, and Blaaster? Two 5*'s and a 4*. Not exactly DT material. I played DT with Bangers for about a week... I dunno, maybe a month ago. I had one tournament where I never lost... tied once... and still only finished approximately 8th. Nothin but fast KOs for the most part and, you know what? I got CRAP for points per win because I had a lot of stars in my deck and only could really win with those big star cards.

If somebody wants to play that way I say let them. It's really not as good as it seems... it's just annoying to go AGAINST. But without the occasional Bangers deck who is going to stop Junkz/Montana/Sentinel? I just want some diversity that's all.

I could see giving her a -2 penalty for T1 but that's about it.

wednesday 31/12/2014

I agree with OPG

monday 29/12/2014

I get the points I should have earned in the end.

It's when the end result shows 8 different aspects of how points are gained and lost and they all say 0 except the top 2 parts with show like +2 and like +18 but your total is 23 points.

It's not a problem in regards to me losing out on points - I just want to know how UR arrived at that number. The breakdown doesn't break anything down.

tuesday 23/12/2014

So I decided to make a low star skeelz deck, and here's what came out of it.

monday 22/12/2014

If it hasn't changed I believe it is the player that reached that number of points first that gets the higher rank.

sunday 21/12/2014

thursday 18/12/2014

Getting back to Shann...

Currently, Bangers are monopolizing T2...And for a very good reason, they are OP...some adjustments are needed.

saturday 13/12/2014

I appreciate all of the advice. In the end I really couldn't get Bangers or All Stars to work for me. Lots of 11ths and 12ths. But I just got 2nd in T1 mode with a junkz deck... dreen flanagan girl haze jiro qubik rowdy and tremorh. I know some of you guys have 100+ DT wins but I feel pretty dang good smiley

I only lost 1 match the whole dang time. I guess I need less stars but other than switching Haze to Gibson I really don't know what to do. Or maybe even Stiko but I tried that once and couldn't win to save my life, lol.

monday 08/12/2014

I had this once too :/

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