monday 08/12/2014

Hello, I have credits for 2 ELITE PACKS. What clans you suggest to choose?

saturday 06/12/2014

Thank you sirs smiley your suggestions are a big help smiley

sunday 30/11/2014

01:03 Tourney beat MauritoEC_ar, _ºArcangelesº_ (9-1) – your wins: 31 points and 5 Clintz
01:00 Tourney narrowly escaped from ganjamana (5-2) – your wins: 18 points and 5 Clintz
00:56 Tourney narrowly escaped from 0 dotmatriks, Penumbra (2-1) – your wins: 18 points and 5 Clintz
00:53 Tourney narrowly escaped from ago892, UNION OF THE SUPREMES (5-4) – your wins: 18 points and 5 Clintz
00:50 Tourney beat OlegusDin, ЛОВ_КАЧ (6-2) – your wins: 26 points and 5 Clintz
00:46 Tourney crushed DT- Izi (12-0) – your wins: 18 points and 9 Clintz
00:45 Tourney won by forfeit against Firestorm191, Open Casket (12-5) – your wins: 12 points and 7 Clintz
00:43 Tourney crushed Dreflik (15-4) – your wins: 20 points and 5 Clintz
00:40 Tourney beat Legendary bee, ↓....Tyrant Virus,,,,↓ (9-2) – your wins: 22 points and 5 Clintz
00:37 Tourney beat chili25, THE_POWER (12-3) – your wins: 17 points and 5 Clintz
00:34 Tourney beat chili25, THE_POWER (9-5) – your wins: 27 points and 5 Clintz
00:32 Tourney won by timeout against ccggenius12, Black Sea Piranas (12-6) – your wins: 14 points and 7 Clintz
00:29 Tourney beat SirVladHark, Akatsukis Return's (8-0) – your wins: 25 points and 7 Clintz
00:27 Tourney lost against SirVladHark, Akatsukis Return's (0-5) – your wins: 5 points and 2 Clintz
00:25 Tourney beat BH rapsus93, ▪▪Blood Hunters▪▪ (7-1) – your wins: 17 points and 5 Clintz
00:21 Tourney almost won against J0kers318, In The Dark (7- – your wins: 8 points and 2 Clintz
00:18 Tourney crushed DORCKONER, Charolaster (15-0) – your wins: 18 points and 7 Clintz
00:14 Tourney narrowly escaped from DORCKONER, Charolaster (9-7) – your wins: 15 points and 5 Clintz
00:10 Tourney narrowly escaped from SirVladHark, Akatsukis Return's (5-4) – your wins: 21 points and 5 Clintz
00:07 Tourney crushed qfgsjhsgh (14-3) – your wins: 25 points and 5 Clintz

saturday 29/11/2014

The only thing in that deck that surprised me was Dawn.

wednesday 26/11/2014

I always use Sentinel and they do perfect against Bangers. Or you can use SoB orSoA because in that way they are useless

tuesday 25/11/2014

Unsure about Massiv, will try the new slight changes I've made for a few more DTs, after a while try Massiv and see which I prefer

Mono tiny cuts, eh? What of this?


wednesday 19/11/2014

Thanks legend! ima give Westwood a shot he seems he could be interesting to uses with his ability as a 2* and I see drs aren't useful for tourney so I'll give a star for Irene smiley
Just can't get with Sammy smiley

sunday 16/11/2014

I totally forgot this was the dt thread. Lol. How viable is Dorian in t1 these days? I never see him anymore although he's a very powerful card.

I've been told DR slows both players' progress. It's true since I've played people who couldn't win but forced an extra round anyway when I would've ko'd them quickly.

Asporov is weak in any mode. Dat bangers is solid though. smiley

saturday 15/11/2014

Doesn't look bad, but losing rounds is not a good idea. I rarely ever play T1 anyway, so i don't know if it works there.

thursday 06/11/2014

Can someone please explain the rule point system to me. ive been playing this game for awhile now and i dont understand how the leader has so many points.
currently there is ten minutes left and the leader has 400+ points, im a ok player and come in the top 150 all the time. but i can only score close to 200. how are they doing it?

hope your all well

wednesday 29/10/2014

Games count if you start them within the tournament limit. Thus, you can start a game at xx:59 and get the points.

saturday 18/10/2014

Montana junks uppers sentinel la junta all stars

I'd say mercury is better taken Diana for dt. And Charlie can be potentially a huge nuke or a huge bluff.

friday 17/10/2014

Great deck! Attack manip seems the way to go in DTs. Uppers' high damage and great low pillz fights in T1 certainly make them one of the best clans atm in that mode.

monday 13/10/2014

I like the deck you suggested, but the only card I can't seem to understand using is C Wing. Wouldn't it be pretty risky using a doue defeat card? I mean sure I can maybe sneak in a victory, but I'm not to sure what strategy-wise you're going for.

Also, anybody have any thoughts on the GHEIST deck?

tuesday 07/10/2014

Git gud nub I've won 300 smiley

MY 5th DT WON!!!


Let me know what you think about it! smiley

monday 06/10/2014

Kinda.. It takes to much time playing against kitties/frozn decks. The maximum time spent in dt t1/2 is 3 min. max

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