monday 04/08/2014

i'm pretty much thinking, that everyone of us had has this pain, when someone timeouts and we get less points for that. WHY? We wait extra minute for the guy to timeout our winning round, but we dont get extra points for that.
When opp timeouts, we should get counted the max points that are aviable( 12hp, pillz left, k0).
i still don't get this... smileysmiley

sunday 03/08/2014

I would stick with zero dead


saturday 02/08/2014

Please check this new deck I made! Thanks smiley)

A Sakrohm/Junkz halfdeck smiley

Since the meta has changed a fair bit and new decks are arising Ive tried to create my own homebrew which is based around power manipulation.


friday 01/08/2014

Which of these mono jungo decks is the best ?

hints/tips ?
type 1 jungo 1.0
type 1 jungo 2.0
type 1 jungo 3.0
type 1 jungo 4.0

wednesday 30/07/2014

New preset here.

monday 28/07/2014

Testing this deck out and seeing if I can get to the top! Kinda expensive right now, but players who've been playing for quite some time should have most Montana staples

Hopefully i can hyperlink this right (crosses fingers)

If I fail miserably here's the direct link

sunday 27/07/2014

Loretta is useless for tourney

NIce but why 9 instead of 8? With 8, u can enter type 1 DT

Cant see the deck.....other than lea n sledge, what do u have?

Rekved and Dalhia CR? If it works for you, I guess. Taljion is better for that, troll4663 is right. Since you're mono you can use all the supports - Puff and Taljion and Coleridge can be monsters. Spycee is cool, too bad he doesn't get 6 Power. I've never liked using Amiral Coco, it relies too much on the opponent. IMO replace Raeth, Coco, and Rekved.

saturday 19/07/2014

Zenos lower star cards w wins, more rounds won, less star count in hand, knockouts, unused pillz z life points over 12 all net u more points. Also penalized cards on the top of the Tournament page

friday 18/07/2014

This is not a dule dt deck but it is a mono deck i made for dts an it is prity good.


thursday 17/07/2014

LOL at jungo in DT

monday 14/07/2014

Sasha, Kent, Danae, sandro, lorna, dr falkenstein, praxie, chiara cr and cley

49,900 clintz

Or substitute praxie for plunk and save some clintz

monday 07/07/2014

The unpenalized cards are the remaining 1045 ones you didn't list and aren't among the 15 cards that had penalties from earlier.

friday 04/07/2014

I mean, Naele is obviously a T2 staple but should they kill her you're helping your opponent get ahead of you on leaderboards. 2,3, and if it's worth it, 4*s are the best.

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