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sunday 21/09/2014

Look everyone. I don't give a $#@# if you believe me or not. I start 3 min early and my scores still count.

This is a known issue.

@TuR-Momiji - Not sure about Nippon servers. So don't you worry about it.
I know that this is the case. Some of the french players joke about it.

@HarleyxQuinn - I'm doubt if there is any delay in western Europe. Also It may end 3 min early for USA as well.

saturday 20/09/2014

Hahaha thanks boys smiley

thursday 18/09/2014

That -Miguel Alves is a wizard.

Anyways OP, what do you want from this thread? Do you want to actually brainstorm new and unconventional decks or do you want a deck that can get you gold tokens?

wednesday 17/09/2014

Oh and while I don't play much Piranas, I do have one pro tip to offer: When in doubt, Lizbeth it.

sunday 14/09/2014

Maybe you could swap Dugan, Sabia, and Winston for Trish, Wyre, and Jane Ramba Cr (if you have them).

monday 08/09/2014

1) Stop making new threads. You already had a La Junta Tourney thread set up, so just bump that one.

2) To answer the thread title, it's the same as every other Tourney deck out there: win rounds with your small cards and use your big ones if you need to win games.

saturday 06/09/2014

In T1 I used to use Victoria and Iguana Samson smiley But this was only in that time when Draheera wasn't penalized..

thursday 04/09/2014

It's not bad. You might want to consider Flanagan over Dreen though, and maybe Tremorh/Romana over Otakool.

wednesday 03/09/2014

Yea, dash to flanagan and harold to oxen smiley

Have you tried it? You should have.

tuesday 02/09/2014

Are you talking about in mono or a split deck? I like the sound of Dr Copernica, Pr Hartnell, Reeplay, and Geo as a hard-hitting half deck.

monday 01/09/2014

It depends on how long he was playing with that deck. If he was just screwing around with deck combos and then magic happened, it wouldn't be a bad idea. If this was a deck that he was using for months and slowly rising in the ranks with, then I'd keep the thing for familiarity's sake.

friday 29/08/2014

By affordable. how much do u mean?obviously jackie can't be used but what is ur budget?

deleted I use it to ELO and Survivor to smiley Planing on changing Caelus to Michael smiley

wednesday 27/08/2014

Just remember.. Christelle and Rubie have both 5 power.. Isn't that to low?

tuesday 26/08/2014

24 days old but who cares? smiley I would use only Spyke as he goes well in 7 + 1 tactics..

monday 25/08/2014

I'll keep that in mind, totally does work for me. I almost never lose more than 10 per DT and average around 20-24 points a game.That was VERY useful, thanks!

@Elite Maad my point is, he should just use 2* cards preferably to have a higher chance of getting really high score that can effectively kill other cards. Having at least two 3* would be okay, but having more than that ruins your strategy. Milena/Sabia/Dean/Tolliver and Gil/Flanagan/Dreen/Tremorh would be a good choice for you being La Junta/Junkz user. Drop Thormund because he's ineffective in half decks, and Dean would be a better choice. But my further advice is, pick clans with attack manipulations so that their bonus would really help in killing 5* cards, like Uppers or Sakhrom. Be wise and strategic in choosing cards for your deck, know their viability and compatibility with your playing style smiley

thursday 21/08/2014

So maybe Artus - Eadh?

monday 18/08/2014

That's a good idea actually.

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