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tuesday 02/09/2014

Are you talking about in mono or a split deck? I like the sound of Dr Copernica, Pr Hartnell, Reeplay, and Geo as a hard-hitting half deck.

monday 01/09/2014

It depends on how long he was playing with that deck. If he was just screwing around with deck combos and then magic happened, it wouldn't be a bad idea. If this was a deck that he was using for months and slowly rising in the ranks with, then I'd keep the thing for familiarity's sake.

friday 29/08/2014

By affordable. how much do u mean?obviously jackie can't be used but what is ur budget?

deleted I use it to ELO and Survivor to smiley Planing on changing Caelus to Michael smiley

wednesday 27/08/2014

Just remember.. Christelle and Rubie have both 5 power.. Isn't that to low?

tuesday 26/08/2014

24 days old but who cares? smiley I would use only Spyke as he goes well in 7 + 1 tactics..

monday 25/08/2014

I'll keep that in mind, totally does work for me. I almost never lose more than 10 per DT and average around 20-24 points a game.That was VERY useful, thanks!

@Elite Maad my point is, he should just use 2* cards preferably to have a higher chance of getting really high score that can effectively kill other cards. Having at least two 3* would be okay, but having more than that ruins your strategy. Milena/Sabia/Dean/Tolliver and Gil/Flanagan/Dreen/Tremorh would be a good choice for you being La Junta/Junkz user. Drop Thormund because he's ineffective in half decks, and Dean would be a better choice. But my further advice is, pick clans with attack manipulations so that their bonus would really help in killing 5* cards, like Uppers or Sakhrom. Be wise and strategic in choosing cards for your deck, know their viability and compatibility with your playing style smiley

thursday 21/08/2014

So maybe Artus - Eadh?

monday 18/08/2014

That's a good idea actually.

monday 11/08/2014

Android how can you highlight the word?

sunday 10/08/2014

Thanks for all the help, everyone! =D I tried out the All-Stars deck in the most recent DT today and I finished in the top 50...which is good for me...especially considering that there were almost 700 people in the tourney. The deck was great and I think this is gonna be my new tourney deck. smiley It's really fun to play with too...All-Stars are an interesting clan and I LOVE their bonus. smiley

wednesday 06/08/2014

When it has started

tuesday 05/08/2014

smiley Great! Thanks!

I'm not a good enough player to win dt. top 25 is more than most people can get. not many get over 400 points

monday 04/08/2014

i'm pretty much thinking, that everyone of us had has this pain, when someone timeouts and we get less points for that. WHY? We wait extra minute for the guy to timeout our winning round, but we dont get extra points for that.
When opp timeouts, we should get counted the max points that are aviable( 12hp, pillz left, k0).
i still don't get this... smileysmiley

sunday 03/08/2014

I would stick with zero dead


saturday 02/08/2014

Please check this new deck I made! Thanks smiley)

A Sakrohm/Junkz halfdeck smiley


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