friday 04/07/2014

This strategy cannot possibly ever win nor place in the top third ever. Everyone plz stop bumping this thread

thursday 03/07/2014

deleted *** actual link

wednesday 02/07/2014

They will , they haven't yet so use the deck while you can

saturday 28/06/2014

Good suggestion LoTD, thx


an i didnt have to try.
respect the dr saw people

friday 27/06/2014


sunday 22/06/2014


saturday 21/06/2014

friday 20/06/2014


help me please , i left la junta because they are weak to soa and sob

thursday 19/06/2014

If I wasn't trying to do missions , I wouldn't have drew any fight :/

wednesday 18/06/2014

Ok will do gonna try thatsmiley

♥ Steampunk Rules ♥
I'm thinking on changing Boomstock for Grouchy.. And for T2 I could use Copper on Carmen and Alexandrea and Dr Van Wesel Ld for Pr Hartnell and Kenjy :3 What do you think?

sunday 15/06/2014

Just make sure u win against the 5 star cards when doing that method Asia.

thursday 12/06/2014

Thanks Blue but I have decks for all 3 cards lol. Spyke going Cr may be a good choice.

wednesday 11/06/2014

Emeth Cr and Raven r a nasty combo.

I've had success with Scooty, Milena and Raven as well

I just finished 16th with my Tiny Cuts deck:


Let me know what u think (besides that using Sentinel is lame lol)

tuesday 10/06/2014

I'm with Neo, I love a quitter until the 4th rd time out. If they added to the negative points -10 points per rd after the 1st it would help I think

monday 09/06/2014

Win fast, lose fast. Basic rule of dt. Dont bluff unless you know your opponent will screw up and go for 2HKO when you can. Playing like an idiot also helps.... like sometimes a random fury can get you a win pretty easily. Dont run all dr's either like some people do... its just a troll lol. Also if you know your opponent wont stall and you can milk rounds for more points.... go ahead. If they stall then your screwed which is why i like 2HKO's.

I really like using Virginia, Mokra and either of the Stella's for a half T2 deck.

Because it's poorly translated and/or coded, that's all. And of course you wouldn't care but what about those who are floating in the 130-170 range and may or may not get the tokenz for a close finish in top 150?

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