tuesday 03/06/2014

I have got a decent net connection. But During busy hours and sometimes during DT hours UR becomes unbearably slow. Sometimes i get time outs because of them.

It's idiotic but let them do it and enjoy there 7-10 points for a win. they won't be making the top 25 that's for sure.

I usually finish in the top 30 for elo I don't use any 5 cards but I have 3 4's 3 3's and 2 2's. My advice is just stay away from 5 cards and try to go for the knock out. also maintaining pills and life in combination with a knockout gives a bonus. also winning a round with lower star players on higher one's. every little point counts and good luck.

sunday 01/06/2014


Don't be another Sentinel player dude. smiley

Yay just got 500 points in a DT with that deck, got to 3rd place smiley

I found this (lvl 21) guy using Amiral Py Cr, Bryan, Laura, and Winston. And he tried to block my Radek with Winston...

saturday 31/05/2014

I joined and played for a couple of days not really understanding the game and I remembered my account just a few days ago so I came back to try again. Thank you for providing the rage though smiley

wednesday 28/05/2014

^Yeah, I could see that. Might go set that as a preset right now, actually. it's nice that there's such a wide gap for penalties: big 5, jackie, marco etc are absolutely unusable, but borderline penalty cards like zatman and robb aren't penalized at all so it would be good to take advantage of that.

saturday 24/05/2014

Deck For dt (economic)
Magnar-Frankie Hi-Pallack-Jody-Jose Star-Samantha-Beetenka-McArthur.

Good deck!

thursday 22/05/2014

Martha, john, westwood, tobbie, sammy, carmen, harvey, valentina ld smiley
-/+ 15 k deck

tuesday 20/05/2014

First time playing DT since maybe 2011 and i got 36th place and thats with me disconnecting twice due to my phone..but here it is

monday 19/05/2014

Have you tried going here? http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/market/?show=29&action=buy&group=all&orderby=asc&sortby=price&rarity=

Also Gertjan Yookie Simeon Treeman

True. It says a lot about the mode that changes that would make Marco Cr and Alec Cr more useful would benefit the game overall.

sunday 18/05/2014

Non è possibile che il 70% delle partite sia contro Sentinel
A me personalmente è passata la voglia di fare TQ
Belle le idee dei Token e l'aborto dello Standard, ma se non c'è una politica di Bann che segue i TQ, siamo punto e a capo

saturday 17/05/2014

I literally just turned it off this second, the survivor run ended and I think I need to improve my internet before I can stream DTs and yeh I will try to next time

friday 16/05/2014

Ah, i was stupid, i purposely removed those cards...
I'll get copying and tweaking, thanks smiley

Thanks! I also found a list of cards whom have this penalty.

wednesday 14/05/2014

tuesday 13/05/2014

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