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saturday 19/07/2014

Zenos lower star cards w wins, more rounds won, less star count in hand, knockouts, unused pillz z life points over 12 all net u more points. Also penalized cards on the top of the Tournament page

friday 18/07/2014

This is not a dule dt deck but it is a mono deck i made for dts an it is prity good.


thursday 17/07/2014

LOL at jungo in DT

monday 14/07/2014

Sasha, Kent, Danae, sandro, lorna, dr falkenstein, praxie, chiara cr and cley

49,900 clintz

Or substitute praxie for plunk and save some clintz

monday 07/07/2014

The unpenalized cards are the remaining 1045 ones you didn't list and aren't among the 15 cards that had penalties from earlier.

friday 04/07/2014

I mean, Naele is obviously a T2 staple but should they kill her you're helping your opponent get ahead of you on leaderboards. 2,3, and if it's worth it, 4*s are the best.

This strategy cannot possibly ever win nor place in the top third ever. Everyone plz stop bumping this thread

thursday 03/07/2014

deleted *** actual link

wednesday 02/07/2014

They will , they haven't yet so use the deck while you can

saturday 28/06/2014

Good suggestion LoTD, thx


an i didnt have to try.
respect the dr saw people

friday 27/06/2014


sunday 22/06/2014


saturday 21/06/2014

friday 20/06/2014


help me please , i left la junta because they are weak to soa and sob

thursday 19/06/2014

If I wasn't trying to do missions , I wouldn't have drew any fight :/

wednesday 18/06/2014

Ok will do gonna try thatsmiley

♥ Steampunk Rules ♥
I'm thinking on changing Boomstock for Grouchy.. And for T2 I could use Copper on Carmen and Alexandrea and Dr Van Wesel Ld for Pr Hartnell and Kenjy :3 What do you think?

sunday 15/06/2014

Just make sure u win against the 5 star cards when doing that method Asia.

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