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sunday 03/08/2014


saturday 02/08/2014

Please check this new deck I made! Thanks smiley)

A Sakrohm/Junkz halfdeck smiley


Since the meta has changed a fair bit and new decks are arising Ive tried to create my own homebrew which is based around power manipulation.


friday 01/08/2014

Which of these mono jungo decks is the best ?

hints/tips ?
type 1 jungo 1.0
type 1 jungo 2.0
type 1 jungo 3.0
type 1 jungo 4.0

wednesday 30/07/2014

New preset here.


monday 28/07/2014

Testing this deck out and seeing if I can get to the top! Kinda expensive right now, but players who've been playing for quite some time should have most Montana staples

Hopefully i can hyperlink this right (crosses fingers)

If I fail miserably here's the direct link

sunday 27/07/2014

Loretta is useless for tourney

NIce but why 9 instead of 8? With 8, u can enter type 1 DT

Cant see the deck.....other than lea n sledge, what do u have?

Rekved and Dalhia CR? If it works for you, I guess. Taljion is better for that, troll4663 is right. Since you're mono you can use all the supports - Puff and Taljion and Coleridge can be monsters. Spycee is cool, too bad he doesn't get 6 Power. I've never liked using Amiral Coco, it relies too much on the opponent. IMO replace Raeth, Coco, and Rekved.

saturday 19/07/2014

Zenos lower star cards w wins, more rounds won, less star count in hand, knockouts, unused pillz z life points over 12 all net u more points. Also penalized cards on the top of the Tournament page

friday 18/07/2014

This is not a dule dt deck but it is a mono deck i made for dts an it is prity good.


thursday 17/07/2014

LOL at jungo in DT

monday 14/07/2014

Sasha, Kent, Danae, sandro, lorna, dr falkenstein, praxie, chiara cr and cley

49,900 clintz

Or substitute praxie for plunk and save some clintz

monday 07/07/2014

The unpenalized cards are the remaining 1045 ones you didn't list and aren't among the 15 cards that had penalties from earlier.

friday 04/07/2014

I mean, Naele is obviously a T2 staple but should they kill her you're helping your opponent get ahead of you on leaderboards. 2,3, and if it's worth it, 4*s are the best.

This strategy cannot possibly ever win nor place in the top third ever. Everyone plz stop bumping this thread

thursday 03/07/2014

deleted *** actual link

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