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monday 19/05/2014

True. It says a lot about the mode that changes that would make Marco Cr and Alec Cr more useful would benefit the game overall.

sunday 18/05/2014

Non è possibile che il 70% delle partite sia contro Sentinel
A me personalmente è passata la voglia di fare TQ
Belle le idee dei Token e l'aborto dello Standard, ma se non c'è una politica di Bann che segue i TQ, siamo punto e a capo

saturday 17/05/2014

I literally just turned it off this second, the survivor run ended and I think I need to improve my internet before I can stream DTs and yeh I will try to next time

friday 16/05/2014

Ah, i was stupid, i purposely removed those cards...
I'll get copying and tweaking, thanks smiley

Thanks! I also found a list of cards whom have this penalty.

wednesday 14/05/2014

tuesday 13/05/2014

monday 05/05/2014

Just got 9th with this deck.


sunday 04/05/2014

Play why i am bled

saturday 03/05/2014

Thread necro!

Ulu Watu were never the top tier for DTs because you could never play aggressively with them. Unless you're pulling out all the stops there's generally going to be only one or two 2HKOs in your whole deck and even then a single DR can usually wreck your chances. Plus the clan is all but powerless in low-pill fights so you can't burn pills too fast or you're toast.

Also Ulu Watu just doesn't have as many broken-ass cards as other clans. The most OP card they have is Tanaereva Cr, and he's peanuts compared to Grax and Spyke. Lastly, while they don't have a weak selection of low-star cards, those cards have a lot of weaknesses that cripple your ability to make a deck around them.

tl;dr: They're best in ~30* decks (which the current dumbass point system doesn't favor) with a proper banlist imposed.

friday 02/05/2014

R&C plz.. Sugestions are accepted..

Yeah, that guy who said replace Havok with Westwood isn't far off. All those 5* are going to sap your points away. Remember, when you win a match most of your points come from (25 - total level of your hand).

thursday 01/05/2014

People use that deck in T1 by changing Coby to John... My deck is 19* so I'm losing all the time against it xD

smileyi wanna keep it hidden....cause its shit op

monday 28/04/2014


Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome

saturday 19/04/2014

I kinda want to say "It's Easter weekend, expect nothing to happen", but that doesn't explain rest of the week.


friday 18/04/2014

You can use westwood to luke and copper cr to hawk , you make 500 with these changes smiley

thursday 17/04/2014

no ban list

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