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wednesday 01/05/2019

I'm currently running a Montana deck which is based around hitting 8 damage with Don or Valter Bianco, then picking the 4 damage off however I can. It's been really fun to play and quite successful in T1.

The deck is:

***** Don (8 damage)
***** Valter Bianco (8 damage)

**** Gianfranco (a 7/4 with protected bonus

*** Mona (6/4 with -2 opponent damage - a strong candidate to follow up 8 damage)
*** Bella LD (a 6/4 with cancel opponents power and damage modifier - allows her to hit her 4 damage with regularity)

** Icaro (7/2 with -1 life win or lose allows it to set up 3 damage cards like Carmine or Homy)
** Homy (6/3 damage exchange)

Am I missing anything obvious with Montana here? Budget isn't an issue, I've got the full set, I just want to know if I can improve this deck anywhere, thanks!

tuesday 30/04/2019

Haven't used Berzerk in a while now although Miloz and Melanie always were strong 2*. Clive and Konrad can be used together for a surprise KO

friday 26/04/2019

There is no point on playing more than 8 cards in T1, it is done in T2 only to reach +25*

saturday 09/03/2019

@25thNight: I HATE that bug! But I've found when it happens, all you can do is leave the match. You don't have time to close the app and restart, and quitting is better than timing out, in my opinion...

monday 11/02/2019

Grace, Newell, Fast bender, Berghart, Galileo, Boomstock are some good 2's and 3's for example

saturday 09/02/2019

The same.
Maybe it's better to show what exactly is incompatible in the message.

thursday 31/01/2019

So that's why! Thanks for the enlightenment @Thoazol

friday 18/01/2019

Ops forgot mclain tourney banned

sunday 23/12/2018

By using a hand which has lower stars instead of a full 25* hand, you end up getting more points. The points you gain in DT per match is based on the star count of the cards you win with (along with a couple other factors). So, for example, if you win with a 2* card against a 5* card, you get 5 points. On the opposite, if you win with a 5* card against a 2*, you only get 1 point. That's what he means smiley

Closing because my presets got deleted due to people voting them red. I'll probably finish this in my own time but won't bother to publish the decks or prioritise alphabetical order.

saturday 01/12/2018

Um not sure that's gonna wprk

tuesday 13/11/2018


If the link doesn’t work or changes you can always go to the top and follow
Game>game modes>tourney All the rules are listed there and would be updated if/when there are changes.

Izy7 pretty much explains it in the first place. The DT starts on the hour like 08:00 exactly and ends at 09:00 but if you are in the middle of a fight that you started at 08:59 when you finish that fight the points count. So basically if there’s :15 left in a tourney start a fight. You will end up in whatever place you end up in.

A bit late to the party, but I think a new tip to this post is to try and win two rounds. If you’re going to loose for sure use all the pills

monday 01/10/2018

hot 59 messages

It has been awhile since I posted a deck, so here is one:

sunday 02/09/2018

Ohhhhhhsmiley I did not know that maybe I should play in T2 once and a while.

tuesday 21/08/2018

I was lucky that I had both common and uncommon cards ,but I couldn't play due to the glitch in the game . At least I did okay in one match ,but It was a pain looking for commons and not being able to use my favorites .

wednesday 08/08/2018

@Queeen That 5/5/5/2x5 is a weird deck that in the right combination of clans, cards and play style can be super good, but is a glass cannon so I do have to place a WARNING label on that one. It's super good because under the right conditions you get a high chance to win the match and get a few 2* wins in. Although, I find the best method for that deck is usually bait and bluff with the 5* to scare them into over pilling or high pill to get the vs 5* point bonus only to have your 2 stars bulldoze the rest of their hand. I use to have a good deck formatted like that however the banlist/penalty list had eroded half of it away for good reason.

sunday 05/08/2018

Dominion is a crazy strong clan. There bonus might de op to me round 3-4 you cant win if they have 7 power or more even if you have 12 pillz. Thats why i think there min should be 5. 4 is way to pwerful. Though that just might be me. There is many ways around it.

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