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sunday 13/04/2014

Big 5: General Cr, DJ Korr Cr, Guru Cr, Kiki Cr, Lyse Teria Cr
Other Collectors: Vickie Cr, Jackie Cr, Lamar Cr, Alec Cr, Marco Cr
Non Collectors: Kolos, Mechakolos, Noctezuma, GraksmxxT
Leaders: Ambre, Hugo, Morphun, Eklore, Eyrik

Shann, Beeboy, Spyke, XU52, El Divino, Askai, Gil, Haze, Raven, Emeth Cr, Avola, Ghumbo, Lizbeth, Cliff, Shakra/Lou, Mokra, Copper Cr, Hawk, Caelus Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Herman/Dorian + Herman/Dorian/Zatman

tuesday 08/04/2014

Started using cats......everyone is loosing or drawing with mesmiley

monday 07/04/2014

Suprisingly great. Few things I would change is Augstino. Change him to Caesar, Ashley, Jessie, Loretta, or Stacey. Miss Jessie could work too, if no splashes.
Dallas. Change him to a 2* so you don't end up facing 40* decks. ^ See previous options. Other than that, the deck works.

sunday 06/04/2014

To the batcave!

thursday 03/04/2014

...Really? Lack of Zatman is the only problem. Not that the deck is over four years old or that the deck in question has heavy bans or that Zatty himself has a penalty to him or that the whole thread is a necro?

wednesday 02/04/2014

saturday 29/03/2014

T1 is a dt format

thursday 27/03/2014

Rate and comment please.

wednesday 26/03/2014

Good job smiley ^ ( my best is 620pts )
To answer your question if the matches started when the dt was in play then yes

monday 24/03/2014

sunday 23/03/2014

Give me moneysmileyive ranked higher in so many dts and i dont get that much cashsmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

saturday 15/03/2014

wednesday 12/03/2014

Check this deck outsmiley

sunday 09/03/2014


wednesday 05/03/2014

monday 03/03/2014


sunday 02/03/2014

thursday 27/02/2014

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