sunday 16/02/2014


Mało gwiazdek duża siła.

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Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome


Rate this and test it

Suggestions are welcome

friday 14/02/2014

tuesday 11/02/2014

So whats the point ? why are you playing dt? to slow down your opponents? just because you want to win fights? i suggest you to play survivor. and that deck above is one of the worst dt deck i ever saw.

sunday 09/02/2014


Before anyone says it; IK, I should replace Noodile. She's a filler until I get Curlix, and then I won't be using Clara etc.
R&C please!

thursday 06/02/2014

tuesday 04/02/2014

Just as a thought, Marina to Hendz or Sigrud. Most of the time the 5 damage is just going to hinder you more than her ability will help.

I got a feeling that page hasn't been updated for years. Or it's already changed for the return of T1&2.

sunday 02/02/2014

I use 50* deck smiley

saturday 01/02/2014

Before standard and extended we had T1


Anything with 29-31* with Uppers, Huracan, Gheist, All stars or Sakrohm.
There haven't been new penalties yet so Noctezuma, El Divino, Mechakolos, Saki, Hefty+Kazayan are dominating standard dt
You can try 2 halfdecks but you can also try mono with Mevhakolos splash

monday 27/01/2014

thursday 23/01/2014


A serious attempt at DT as I haven't played seriously in a while.


wednesday 22/01/2014

You have good taste in Tourney decks my friend smiley

saturday 11/01/2014

Haha so true smiley

wednesday 08/01/2014

Just give it time, sometimes the system lags, you will receive what you are owed in due time, if you get nothing within 2 weeks contact customer support with screenshots

wednesday 01/01/2014

Thanks for letting me know!

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