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friday 14/02/2014

tuesday 11/02/2014

So whats the point ? why are you playing dt? to slow down your opponents? just because you want to win fights? i suggest you to play survivor. and that deck above is one of the worst dt deck i ever saw.

sunday 09/02/2014


Before anyone says it; IK, I should replace Noodile. She's a filler until I get Curlix, and then I won't be using Clara etc.
R&C please!

thursday 06/02/2014

tuesday 04/02/2014

Just as a thought, Marina to Hendz or Sigrud. Most of the time the 5 damage is just going to hinder you more than her ability will help.

I got a feeling that page hasn't been updated for years. Or it's already changed for the return of T1&2.

sunday 02/02/2014

I use 50* deck smiley

saturday 01/02/2014

Before standard and extended we had T1


Anything with 29-31* with Uppers, Huracan, Gheist, All stars or Sakrohm.
There haven't been new penalties yet so Noctezuma, El Divino, Mechakolos, Saki, Hefty+Kazayan are dominating standard dt
You can try 2 halfdecks but you can also try mono with Mevhakolos splash

monday 27/01/2014

thursday 23/01/2014


A serious attempt at DT as I haven't played seriously in a while.


wednesday 22/01/2014

You have good taste in Tourney decks my friend smiley

saturday 11/01/2014

Haha so true smiley

wednesday 08/01/2014

Just give it time, sometimes the system lags, you will receive what you are owed in due time, if you get nothing within 2 weeks contact customer support with screenshots

wednesday 01/01/2014

Thanks for letting me know!

Jess's Coliseum
idk if I scored high at all or not but I think I did pretty good smiley

tuesday 31/12/2013

Hello GHEIST 81,

Congratulations! You finished 24th in the last Daily Tournament with 488 Battle Points.

Well done! You ranked among the first third of the tournament!

You won 271 Clintz and 1 Credit.
You now have 321 Clintz that you can use to buy new characters on the Market.

874 players took part in the tournament. They accumulated 101 876 Battle Points and the Jackpot has gone up to 67 934 Clintz.

Good luck in the next Daily Tournament!


monday 30/12/2013


leave your opinion and please rate green!

sunday 29/12/2013

Some half deck with all stars but under as in 6th place and 11th

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